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[MERIT] 01-13-2019 07:05 PM

Captain Marvel [2019]

The new "Captain Marvel" film comes out on March 8th. It stars Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson,
Annette Bening and Jude Law. It is set in 1995 and will introduce the super hero into the Marvel
Cinematic Universe, before she saves the day in April's "Avengers: Endgame."

Zhanteimi 01-13-2019 07:24 PM

I'm sure clear crisp explosions will be played in a sequence, sprinkled with some witty repartee.

[MERIT] 01-13-2019 07:31 PM

People are talking about time travel coming into play with the next Avengers movie, since Captain Marvel is set 20+ years earlier. I think it is more likely that she just doesn't age like a normal human and enters the fight in present day. People are reading way too much into it.

The Batlord 01-13-2019 07:42 PM

I don't know maybe you just don't know anything about Captain Marvel.

[MERIT] 01-13-2019 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by Dharma & Greg (Post 2033527)
I don't know maybe you just don't know anything about Captain Marvel.

We'll see in April. I've even heard people positing that the Mandela Effect will be a part of Endgame.

Oriphiel 01-13-2019 09:37 PM

Oh ****, I totally forgot that cheeseburger was getting her own movie.

Can't wait. She's one badass chica.

The Batlord 01-14-2019 04:26 AM

Kinda sad she won't have the short hair. It took me a while to warm to it but it suits the modern costume way better.

MicShazam 01-14-2019 07:08 AM

Yeah, looks pretty cool. The haircut, that is. I'm not so sure about the movie.

The Batlord 01-14-2019 09:34 AM

The long hair goes better with the old costume but then I don't know if there'd be a movie.

Oriphiel 01-14-2019 10:06 AM

They should just split the difference and give her back her og '70s hair.

The Batlord 01-14-2019 10:08 AM

Who drew that waist? Yeesh.

Oriphiel 01-14-2019 10:09 AM

Her right leg is pretty **** too. Not quite Liefield level, though.

windsock 01-14-2019 12:09 PM

Yeah this is fine and dandy but when's Captain Carvel coming out?

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