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Guybrush 09-15-2009 09:35 AM

About Members Journal
This is the forum for members journals. Your journal is a thread which belongs to you and you decide what it's about. Typically, it presents an overall topic or theme - for example music from India - or they are used more generally, for example for posting reviews by those who prefer to have their evaluations all in one place. All posts made in this forum have to be approved by a moderator before they appear and this quality control measure is in place to prevent spam, trolling, nonsensical posts and the like.

How do I get my own journal?

The moderators decide whether or not you get to have a journal. These threads are meant primarily as a privilege for our community members, otherwise known as those whose opinions we are most likely to care about. As a rough guideline, we tend to think of anyone with a post count of 100+ posts as being eligible for a journal. If you want your own journal and you meet the 100+ post requirement, simply create your new thread and your content will be evaluated and approved (or not approved) by a moderator upon submission.
If you do not meet the post requirement, your submission may still be approved at the moderators discretion.

PS! Those who write review journals should remember to post their review links in the Album Reviews Index.

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