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Plankton 12-31-2014 07:48 AM

Today, is a classical kind of day day. My man Guiseppe's arrangements, performed by an outstanding guitar player, Pablo Rodriguez.

Suite Siciliana, Movements I Valzer (Waltz), and II Canzone (Song):

Plankton 01-17-2015 10:30 AM

Todays listening includes a bit of 80's hair metal (among *others*). For exhibit 'A' we have the band Vandal which would be the launching pad for Dan Donegan of Disturbed fame. Campy and full of big hair and attitude. I remember hearing bits and pieces of these guys through the grapevine growing up around the same scene they were involved in back in the 80's. Bob Johnson (lead singer) is a good friend of mine and is all over their reissue album (link below), and it's a bit strange to hear how his voice sounded from back then. I've been waiting for Bob to come over and track some vocals for the Covers album I'm releasing, which is the last piece of the puzzle before I put it out there, so he needs to get over here... dammit... *cough* Another tie into these guys is the fact that another one of my regular crowd is the cousin of Steve "Fuzz" Kmack, the original bass player from Disturbed. A lot of this music hits close to home, especially when people you've been in bands with over the years are also friends with the members of Vandal, like John Sullivan, who is friends with our bass player from Koncrete Pillo, which parted ways in 2009, and friends with Brian, the lead singer from Convoy (a swamp rock band from Chicago). Really, I'm just kind of connecting the dots here but yeah, this is the stuff that takes me back and shows me just how small our world is when I realize I'm rubbing elbows with 80's (and 90's) Metal soldiers that paved the way. I love the music scene around here, and it's been one hell of a ride so far.

FnA Records: Vandal - You Want It? You Got It!

Vandal (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Spoiler for *others*:

Plankton 01-21-2015 11:14 AM

It's Acoustic Guitar Day!

Spoiler for Musics:

Plankton 02-18-2015 08:13 AM

Songs I've Created That Were Inspired By My Daughter

It's no secret around here that I dote over my daughter quite a bit. Every once in a while I like to
break out the music that had been inspired by this wonderful person. Like taking out a picture box
and looking over the contents with fond memories of those moments in life. I'm amazed and inspired
by her every day, and I love that little peanut more than I could ever express in song.


This one was written when she was maybe 2 or younger.
I was sitting around with my guitar watching her play, and just let
the music take me where it wanted. I ended up with this melody line
that captured her innocence and wonder perfectly. I ended up recording
it some 8 years later, and it would be one of my first of many recordings.


Fields Of Youth
A song written while I was in a melancholic state of mind. Seeing her
graduate, and really feeling the time slip through my fingers as she had
become a young adult. I wanted time to stop so I could catch
my breath and hang on to my little girl just a bit longer before she
becomes more independent, and no longer needs Dad for support.


Morning Sunshine
I wrote this song with the help of Hanna. I let her pick the melody line and
then I played a few different style solo's over the rhythm. This is what came
from that fun afternoon when she was probably... I'm thinking 10 years old.

SoundClick artist: PRD Solo Project - page with MP3 music downloads


As A Child
Another playful groove that was inspired by my little peanut. It seems like just
moments ago, hearing her and her friends giggling out in the backyard, or having
her run up to me yelling "Daddy!"as she throws her arms around my leg when I
get home from work. Those are the moments that filled my heart with love.
Her spirit and enthusiasm for life is infectious.I just can't help but try to put
it all into a song like this one.

SoundClick artist: PRD Solo Project - page with MP3 music downloads

Thanks for listening!

Plankton 03-02-2015 07:06 AM

A bit of Taimane today.


Plankton 03-04-2015 12:50 PM

A WPLNK Local News Break
-Your source for local news in and around Planktonia-


This just in:
The drummer for the Makeshifts band (a bi-yearly festival band I'm in) is cutting some grooves
in the biz with his full time gig called Varsity, as they're getting some decent local exposure.
Spence is a great kid, and a fantastic drummer, and I hope to see this band go far:


Exclusive: Varsity announces debut album, makes blissful indie pop on 'Hairpool' -


In other news:
The local boys from the land of swamp rock have been cutting a new album, and
are headlining some shows at Daytona Bike Week this month. A bit of a side note here... There was a time
when Brian had asked me and an old drummer friend to get a band together so we could open for them on
this very same road trip. We practiced a couple times, then just drifted apart... *cough* Ok, back to the news:


Convoy Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos


And finally to wrap things up for this evening:
I'm playing a small get together this Saturday for about 30-40 people at our
singers house. I've been teaching her some Ukulele, and she's getting
her chops down. We'll be doing a few Uke numbers as well as
some all out shred fest stuff with some blues and rock thrown in too.

Planktons Odyssey


That's it for this news cast. I'm Plankton, your local news anchor. Until next time:

This has been a WPLNK local news update, brought to you by:
Pi - Coming soon!

Plankton 03-16-2015 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by Plankton (Post 1531490)
Today, is a classical kind of day day. My man Guiseppe's arrangements, performed by an outstanding guitar player, Pablo Rodriguez.

Suite Siciliana, Movements I Valzer (Waltz), and II Canzone (Song):

Spoiler for Muzics:

An update from Giuseppe:


Originally Posted by Guiseppe Torrisi
Al Di Meola plays my arrangement of "Napule è" by the great and unforgettable Pino Daniele, reworking in his unmistakable style. For me it is a great honor because one of the most important and famous guitarists in the world (regardless of genre) have noticed on the web my performance and requested the arrangement the day before the concert, to perform it live the March 11, 2015 in Naples, as a tribute to the city! Many thanks Al and Stephanie! Spartiti Gratis Chitarra Classica

Talent recognized.

Plankton 04-07-2015 08:34 AM

Today, I'm checking out a brand new album from a good friend on a guitar forum. Shaun is one talented mother****er, and his music needs to be heard by many, many people.

Plankton 06-10-2015 11:30 AM

It started out as a typical Tuesday night, get home from work, pop a cold one, and look to one of the many projects I have going on, or call a friend to find something to do until I pass out at my conditioned bedtime, which is around 10pm. So, it turns out that my good friend who I terrorize the neighborhood with on our mini-bikes, dirt bikes, go-carts, and quads, is leaving for Hog Rock that evening. So I head down the street to have a few beers before he ventures out to the land of granny tit's and STD's. It's toward the end of the evening, he's just left, and I'm feeling a bit hungry, so I decide to head to Wendy's for some grub. Now, I had just purchased a new car stereo, complete with a 1200w amp, and a paired single sub woofer, which bangs pretty hard. In the days that followed my purchase, I had been looking for some good tunes with a lot of bass play, and of course some tunes with the obligatory bass drop. I went through Crystal Method, some Dirty Vegas (I'm still catching up from the late 90's/00's), and a few assorted others, like Bassnectar, Flux Pavilion, and Flinch (thanks to aux-in, and Vanilla), and found my way to Skrillex. Everything had been going fine, good deep bass, hard hitting drops, and all the goodness that goes with it. It was my journey to Wendy's that turned everything around.

I had gone to to Wendy's the night before and a strange thing happened when I placed my order. The lady at the window seemed to take forever to give me my card back that night, and when I glanced in the window to see what was going on, I saw another employee hand her my card. I immediately thought 'credit card scam', but I wasn't completely sure, so I figured I'd wait and see, which brings us back around to Tuesday night.

I get to Wendy's, place my order, and when they ran my card, it was declined. I knew something was up right there. So, I go home, check my balance on-line, and see that there's plenty of cash, and I'm friggin starving by now, so I placed an order for pizza. Card declined. I go to the ATM. Card declined. So, now I'm forced to dig for some change, and make my way back to Wendy's. On the way, I decide, "Hey, I'll check out some of this Skrillex". Bangarang was pumpin hard. Real hard. I was getting a back message, and my ears felt like they were gonna pop. I smelled something burning... the smell of fried electronics. I thought, "Hmmm... the sub must be breaking in or something from the load of all that bass". Nope. Next thing you know, all I have playing are the door speakers and dash tweeters. I pull over, check things out, and found that my fears were in fact true. Blown sub. So, now I have no money, my sub is blown, and I have a belly full of nitrates, and fillers. Nothing I could do about any of it at that point. My only option... sleep.

**** Skrillex.

Frownland 06-10-2015 11:57 AM

Skrillex isn't as bad as it can get though (though admittedly credit card fraud is a lot worse). I have several friends with kick ass sound systems in their cars as well, and they all refuse to listen to Lizard of Ox. I mean that shit was designed to break speakers.

I mean...just kidding about that last sentence. You should check the album out when you replace your subwoofer.

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