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Anteater 05-16-2020 03:31 PM

Anteater's Daily Tune Roulette
Keepin' it simple. I'll pick a random song / album in my collection every day and briefly talk about it. Today-

Trevor Jones - "I Got This Thing About Chickens" (1987) [Noir Jazz]

Angel Heart is one of those cult classics that stays with you a long time. The movie is drenched in an eldritch sort of dread that seeps into everything in the production, including Courtney Pine's fantastic sax work throughout the various pieces that make up the OST.

Trevor Jones, the composer, had this to say about the writing behind the music:


For the score, Jones wanted to explore the concept of evil, explaining, "Evil is the greatest of human fears...I tried to give that feeling to the score using daily ordinary music that would bridge the world of [Harry Angel] to that which he’s getting into, the black magic, his search. It was like a psychological journey for me always trying to relate to the fears and emotions of the audience."
Great stuff. Also, Pine's solo material is rock solid and worth checking out for the modally curious.


Frownland 05-16-2020 03:35 PM

Cool, looking forward to this one.

Lisnaholic 05-17-2020 05:34 AM

That's a great track to start off with, Anteater! Angel Heart is such a great movie, it's time I checked out the OST.

Good luck with the thread; I'll be curious to see what you come up with.

Anteater 05-17-2020 07:36 AM

^ Thanks guys. I find it more enjoyable to write about music in bite-sized chunks anyway.

High Tide - Ancient Gates/Starless Skylines (1990) [Raga-Rock / Psych / Prog]

It's funny that this would pop up, but welcome. Of the two High Tide albums I have, I prefer this groovier, almost Krautrock-esque reunion material to their 1968 cult classic debut Sea Shanties. Nothing wrong with their early stuff, but I just prefer the approach here as far as a longer listening experience goes.

There isn't a whole lot of information available about the sessions that make up Ancient Gates unfortunately. The inclusion of Indian singer Sushi Krishnamurthi on lead vocals and former Crazy World Of Arthur Brown drummer Drachen Theaker is noteworthy, and throwing them in the mix certainly added a lot of spice and spaciness to the High Tide sound.

That aside, some juicy Sunday jamming going on.

Anteater 05-18-2020 11:40 AM

Damien Youth - Strange (1994) [Neo-Psych Folk]

This disturbing but compelling lo-fi ditty popped up today, and it's definitely good. If memory serves, Damien Youth became something of a troubadour in the late 80's, distributing his cassettes across various channels and building a cult following in the process.

I have some of his more recent albums too, but Festival Of Death is one of the better collections to track down due to it's grainy, esoteric atmosphere. He's been compared to Donovan and Eliott Smith, but you couldn't get them to go record in a cave or graveyard in the dead of night. Mr. Youth strikes me as someone who actually would.

Anteater 05-19-2020 09:07 AM

Stina Nordenstam - Memories Of A Color (1991) [Art Pop / Trip-Hop]

Spun the wheel and this hit. Not a bad way to start the day. A jazzy, sprightly debut from one of Sweden's underrated singer-songwriters. She gets compared to Bjork and Kate Bush a lot, but I think Stina has the tendency to lean in towards jazzier, more Baroque territory at times (which is what interested me in picking up her first two albums about eight years ago).

This opening cut is something that sounds like it could have been recorded anytime between '91 and now. An aural portrait about losing something and the elusive search that follows. Nothing that will shake your foundations, but it has some nice dynamics. There's also a lot of little touches that bring in those Nordic jazz influences too, adding to the overall flavor. :clap:

Anteater 05-20-2020 01:42 PM

haircuts for men - weakling heart (2018) [Vaporwave]

A soothing but somehow haunting instrumental from the great vapoverse that's been cultivated out of Bandcamp over the last decade. I don't even remember when I picked it up, but I found myself impressed by the massive catalog that haircuts for men had. I think it was the cover of this particular collection (simply known as 1982) that drew me in - something about the violence being depicted indicated that perhaps the relaxed, intentional nature of a piece like this is meant to be deceptive. Who would have thought muzak could go so well with occult murder?

Anteater 05-21-2020 01:09 PM

Kill Bill x Rav - lovedrug (off that) (2019) [Hip-Hop]

Riding a smokin' bossa groove and spicy rhymes, Kill Bill and Rav are some of hip-hop's most underrated storytellers. Kill Bill in particular has dabbled with a lot of people and apparently gets on well with Freddie Gibbs, but he's not much of a mainstream mainstay just yet. After this project came back up today randomly, I'm thinking that status quo could definitely be changing. Cut me an epic, boiz.

The Batlord 05-21-2020 01:17 PM


Angel Heart is one of those cult classics that stays with you a long time. The movie is drenched in an eldritch sort of dread that seeps into everything in the production
How eldritch a movie are we talking about?

Anteater 05-21-2020 01:53 PM


Originally Posted by The Batlord (Post 2119237)
How eldritch a movie are we talking about?

It's comparable at times to Lynch's Blue Velvet or that movie The Serpent And The Rainbow. but it's not body horror-oriented like The Thing or the first Hellraiser..

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