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Election of 2020: Despite his obvious unpopularity, Trump was practically anointed as the nominee by the Republican Party, now pretty much in his image. The only real question now was who he would face in the general election. We’ll cover how the Democrats got to their decision in the Biden bio but suffice it to say, that the 77 year old Biden would be his net foil to destroy.

It certainly didn’t make for a popularity contest given that both men were more than ready for the retirement home, but at least Biden promised a return to basic decency, something that was clearly lacking in the Trump era.

Of course, Covid was the overriding issue and, while Biden insisted on wearing a mask and expected his audience to do the same, plus some infrequent and awkward political rallies where people honked from their cars, Trump continued to go on with his unprotected rallies where the Covid spread and some people died, notably, former Presidential candidate Herman Cain. He contacted the virus at the controversial rally in Oklahoma and was dead within two weeks.

Somehow, despite all that, Trump stayed within striking distance of Biden and proclaimed that either he would win the election or if he didn’t, it would be because of fraud. This, of course, would set up some near catastrophic events later, but it also made the Biden camp desperate not only to win, but to do it in such a landslide that Trump would have no cause to dispute the outcome.

And in any other election, Biden probably would have won in a landslide, but Trump was the Anti-Christ at last. He continued to stumble as he finally contracted Covid in October. He recovered thanks to an experimental drug cocktail and went on to make an idiot of himself at the debate with Biden who finally told him to “Shut up, man.”

But White Americans in particular still were transfixed by this second coming and the election was still in doubt. Indeed, it would take several days before the networks declared Pennsylvania, and thus, the election to Biden. He also pulled off close wins in Michigan, Wisconsin, and of all places, Arizona, and Georgia.

Needless to say, Trump didn’t take the loss well as he accused the states of fraud without any proof. He challenged the results in all the five states mentioned even going as far as ordering an investigation from the Attorney General. It didn’t help Trump much though when even AG Barr said the election was legitimate. So did Republican Secretaries of State in Arizona and Georgia, Georgia’s Secretary especially taking a hit with death threats and the like. Lawyers filed countless lawsuits in an attempt to overturn the election; they all failed, even with the Trump supporters. In the end, even the Supreme Court, now loaded with Trump appointees, saw nothing wrong with how the election was conducted. It was obvious to all, like it or not, that Biden won legitimately.

But that wouldn’t be enough for Donald Trump. He didn’t like it when he didn’t get his way, so he would find some other way to stay President.

January 6, 2021: While Trump’s legal teams began to crumble under the weight of the preposterous challenges (some left Trump outright), he developed his own team of sympathizers who had no problem with their own right from outer space challenges. Once respected New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani held a press conference at the Four Seasons… Landscaping Company to announce a challenge to the Pennsylvania count. In a second news conference, Giuliani would be ridiculed when his dye job seemed to melt all over his face.

There were some other crackpots creating challenges such as wannabe lawyer Sidney Powell who came up with her own conspiracies in Georgia along with Lin Wood, previously famous for having represented Richard Jewell in the Atlanta Olympics bombing. And there were others as well as Trump urged his followers to protest the election results themselves. Meanwhile, Trump’s many challenges continued to fail, and he was also unable to get enough people to help overturn the election in the swing states, any of them.

So, January 6, 2021, came around. That was the day the Congress would certify the election in Biden’s favor. Trump desperately tried to get Vice President Pence to decertify the election, but he said he could not do so Constitutionally (he was right). Thus, after all the brown nosing Pence did for four years was for naught as he was now a traitor for standing up to his principles for once.

Another interesting player in the matter was disgraced General Mike Flynn, who suggested imposing martial law so the Nation could have a do-over and declare Trump the winner, you know, like they do in third world countries. Trump even tried to get advice from the My Pillow guy who had his own bizarre ideas. You think the Apprentice got good ratings before? Trump would have had the hit show of the millennium with this bunch.

Anyway, on January 6, Congress convened to certify the election officially. A handful of Republican Senators and Representatives would challenge certain states and the process was expected to go late into the night.

In the meantime, Trump had appealed to his followers to hold a major rally in Washington on that day and indeed they came, thousands of them in fact. Trump even urged them to march on the Capitol. What could possibly go wrong?

There were signs this would not be a peaceful protest early on as alt-right wing groups such as the Proud Boys were suggesting a siege on the Capitol Building itself. It seemed to fall on deaf ears though and the tragic events of that day were about to unfold.

It started off eerily from the beginning. Rallies were held throughout the city, notably by Giuliani and Donald Trump, Jr., neither of who seemed to advocating non-violence.

But the big moment was with Donald Trump himself, who made a public appearance, imploring the protestors to march on the Capitol saying he would even join them. He also condemned Pence for not overturning the election and had more or less turned against him.

As it was, Trump would not join them as the Secret Service had other ideas. Trump instead would be reduced to rooting for the carnage on TV from the Oval Office. As for the mob, the siege began about an hour after Trump made his appearance and it slowly made it’s way into the biggest news event since 9/11. A bunch of right wingers were about to attempt to overthrow the United States. Local police they had professed to support were now being attacked, several would lose their lives in the process. Congresspeople and Senators could be seen running down the halls as the mob descended on them. People were chanting, “Hang Mike Pence!” Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office was ransacked. The circus had come to town and people were begging for the clown show to stop.

And all the while, despite pleas from everyone from the Vice President to even House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the National Guard would not be called in for hours. When they finally did arrive, the siege began to recede and the Congress was able to complete its business that night, with a few shell-shocked Republicans even backing off on the recount ruse.

And Trump would become the first President in history to be impeached twice, this time even with a few Republicans other than Romney voting for conviction (though not enough to convict the now former President).

Post Presidency: Trump refused to attend Biden’s inaugural, instead taking Air Force One to his resort at Mara Lago for one last time. As of right now, he is more or less under investigation for his involvement in the January 6th debacle and only time will tell if he actually faces charges, either in Federal Court or in Georgia, where he is under investigation for trying to manipulate the election there as well as in New York, for more tax related matters.

In the meantime, there is speculation that Trump may run again in 2024. Whether he does or not or even if he loses his nomination bid, it is obvious that Trumpism, in some form, is here to stay. Several would be Republican candidates, notably Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, is taking the Trump mantle as his ticket to the White House. Others, such as Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, want to return the GOP to a more respectable conservative bastion. One can only hope that the Hogans will succeed, and the Trumps and DeSantis’ won’t.

But we do live in strange times.

Odd Notes: Trump’s family name was originally Drumpf

Trump was married three times (so far anyway)

Trump was part owner of three beauty pageants

Final Summary: I don’t have very many nice things to say here. I guess you could argue he set the tone for finally getting us out of Afghanistan (And people actually blasted Biden for completing the job), but he even managed to bungle that. He alienated almost everyone from the military to educators and health professionals, to practically every Democratic country in the world (It’s pretty bad when your best friends appear to be Putin and Kim Jong-Il). And yet, he continues to have a strong following despite it being obvious that it isn’t about politics at all (the Republican led Lincoln Project knows this), it's about Trump’s own fragile ego. No President, even the worst of the worst ever intentionally put his own interests ahead of that of the country. Is he responsible for the mess that the world is in today? Well, you could say that.

But, let’s face it, the enemy isn’t really Donald Trump. The enemy is us. We’re the idiots who vote for these clowns (and don’t think the Dems don’t vote for their own clowns).

So, until we get wise, we’ll keep electing people that want to dismantle democracy and then we won’t be electing anyone at all. Just as well, who wants to wait in line at a voting booth anyway, right?

Overall rating: F
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But looking for quality interaction on MB is like trying to stay hydrated by drinking salt water.
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Okay this is it

46. JOSEPH BIDEN (Old man, look at my life)

Born: November 20, 1942, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Died: Not dead yet. Kamala will have to wait

Term: January 20, 2021-
Political Party: Democrat

Vice President: Kamala Harris

First Lady: Jill Jacobs Biden

Before the Presidency: Joseph R. Biden, Jr. was the oldest child of an Irish Catholic family in Scranton, Pennsylvania. A working class kid, he was known for his scrappy attitude. It wasn’t the easiest of childhoods for young Joe as he developed a stuttering problem. He suffered from bullying as a result but was determined to learn how to speak without stuttering despite the failures of his speech therapist. In the end, Joe triumphED over his affliction and it made him tougher and more compassionate at the same time.

By 1953, fortunes in the Biden family improved and Joe Sr. was now selling cars in Wilmington, Delaware. Still with a stuttering problem, Biden had to endure some heckling at his private Catholic high school, but he managed to overcome the problem once and for all as he excelled in football in particular.

With High School now behind him and his stuttering problem under control, Biden entered the University of Delaware in 1961. Even then, he had political ambitions and was set on studying law. He also found a part time job as a lifeguard at an all African American pool. As the only white there, he took note of the differences in lifestyles between whites, who took their status for granted, and the blacks, who still had to suffer the indignities of being considered second class citizens. This, no doubt, played a large part in Biden’s social liberalism.

Biden met his first wife in 1964. They married in 1966 and would have three children. Meanwhile, Biden studied law at Syracuse University where he graduated in 1968. He initially found work as a corporate lawyer in Wilmington but realized that the job wasn’t for him. So, he became a public defender, defending mostly African Americans on Wilmington’s East Side. This proved to be a springboard for his first election to the New Castle County Council in 1970.

In 1972, 29 year old Biden decided to take a run at two term incumbent Senator Caleb Boggs. Biden wasn’t given much of a chance against the popular Boggs, but he had the support of his family, and they ran a grassroots campaign. In the end, Biden won a very close election against a man he described as a real gentleman.

Biden didn’t have very long to celebrate, however, as tragedy struck just a month later. While Christmas shopping, Biden’s wife and daughter were killed when her car was plowed by a tractor trailer. Biden’s two sons survived the crash and now Biden would be going to Washington as a single father.

Despite the tragedy, Biden quickly made his mark as a United States Senator being quite vocal against Nixon during Watergate and at President Ford as well for pardoning Nixon. Biden also developed a reputation as a commuting Senator who would take the Amtrak home every night after work (Wilmington is about 100 miles from Washington). He was also known for his candor admitting that even as early as 1974, he had some Presidential aspirations.

In 1975, he met his second wife, Jill Jacobs. They married in 1977 and would have a daughter together.

Biden would ultimately become one of the most powerful players in the Senate during his 36 years heading both the Judiciary Committee and the Foreign Relations Committee. He wasn’t afraid of being critical of Reagan and Bush appointees to the Supreme Court, notably with William Rehnquist for Chief Justice, Robert Bork, and Clarence Thomas.

In 1988, Biden decided to make his run for President. Still only 45, Biden came off initially as rather Kennedyesque but his campaign never really took off and he had to prematurely withdraw after he was accused of plagiarizing British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock (A sympathetic Al Gore would later note that Kennedy’s famous line from his inaugural address was taken from a quote by Khalil Gibran).

The mini scandal proved to be a blessing in disguise as he was diagnosed with an aneurysm that could have killed him. That was taken care of, and Biden continued on with his career as a prominent and well respected Senator.

During the 1990s, Biden was an advocate for tough on crime legislation and wrote the Senate version of President Clinton’s crime bill which passed with bipartisan support. Though popular at the time, it has since proved to be rather unfair to minorities who suffered quite a bit of abuse by police over the years and Biden would later apologize for the bill.

He had some better legislative achievements over the years though as he introduced the Violence Against Women Act. He would call it his proudest legislative achievement. Biden also learned a lesson about going with the political wind as he opposed authorizing President Bush to wage war in Iraq in 1991. He did support the second Bush initially in his war against Hussein in 2002, as did most Democrats in the aftermath of 9/11. It was a vote he would later regret.

In the end, Biden’s positives very much outweighed his negatives, and he made a second run for the Democratic nomination in 2008. By now, Biden was well into his sixties and some of his youthful charisma was gone. He was also prone to gaffes that could even border on racism such as when he made a comment about Indian immigrants running Seven-Elevens.

Biden’s 2008 campaign never had a chance as he was up against heavyweights like Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. And yet, it all paid off when Obama secured the nomination and pegged Biden to be his running mate.

And Biden proved to be quite the fighter as he blasted the naïve Sarah Palin in the Vice Presidential debate. Even more to the point, he would prove to be the most effective Vice President since Walter Mondale, being essentially Obama’s most trusted advisor. Biden was instrumental in pushing through the Affordable Care Act and influenced Obama in his support of Gay Marriage later. His connections to the Senate were critical in getting a lot of Obama’s incentives passed, even if they were watered down a little at times (remember, this was a Congress that was very hostile to Obama).

In 2016, tragedy would hit Biden yet again as his oldest son, Beau, who he had hoped might run for President himself one day, died of brain cancer. As such, and with skepticism of a Hilary Clinton nomination, there was hope that Biden might make another run at the Presidency. But Biden ultimately (and with advice from Obama it turns out) decided not to make a run of it, possibly something both Biden and Obama may have regretted later.

So, Biden would stay on the sidelines as a respected elder statesman during the Trump administration.

Until he realized it wasn’t just a philosophy that was in deep peril but the idea of democracy itself.

Summary of offices held:

1971-1973: Member, New Castle County Council

1973-2009: US Senator, Delaware

2009-2017: Vice President of the United States

What was going on: Covid, mass shootings, Russian invasion of Ukraine

Scandals within the Presidency: No major ones so far

Why he is a good President: He was a calming influence after the tumultuous Trump administration. He sped up the covid vaccine distribution. He passed an infrastructure bill.

Why he is a bad President: Despite passing a bi-partisan infrastructure bill, he wasn’t able to do much else with a hostile Republican Senate. Plus, the economy took a hit during the Biden years.

What can save his Presidency: A cure for covid, a sudden turnaround of the economy, Ukraine winning the war against Russia.

What can destroy his Presidency: His propensity to make some unbelievable gaffes. The US spirals into a depression. Russia somehow wins. Europe (and the US) steers to the far right.

Election of 2020: Biden initially ran for the Democratic nomination in a field of over 20 candidates. He promised the nation of a return to normalcy after four years of divisiveness under Trump. He took a more moderate stance on issues like Health care, wanting to improve the ACA rather than going all out for single payer like the Progressive wing wanted. His candidacy took off after a win in the South Carolina primary, and, in the end, the Democrats, including the Progressives, united behind him, knowing what the alternative would have been.

In the general election, Biden, for the most part, kept his cool though there were a couple notable moments, such as when he told Trump to “shut up, man” during the debates. In the end, Biden won an election that was closer than it should have been, allowing Trump to use all his mischief in an attempt to overturn the election.

First term: Biden had to contend with the fallout of the January 6 insurrection as soon as he took office. He also had to deal with the covid crisis. He kept Dr. Anthony Fauci on, and they emphasized the need to vaccinate as much as possible (the vaccine had just come out). As of November 2022, the Covid pandemic remains but it has subsided somewhat. Meanwhile, Biden managed to pass an infrastructure bill through a barely Democratic Congress, partly, thanks to a procedure in which the Senate could pass a limited amount of spending bills without a super majority. Mass shootings remained a problem and, again, there is talk about strengthening gun control laws, but, knowing American history, not much can be expected from that. Because of Covid and world events, notably Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the economy is more or less tanking and it is affecting Biden’s ratings significantly. Right now, the consensus is, he will likely lose the House to a Republican party that could be teetering on the verge of fascism, and possibly the Senate as well where the dictatorial stylings of Mitch McConnell will again take over (though, compared to Kevin McCarthy, he looks like Winston Churchill).

Update: As of November 18, 2022, the Republicans do indeed seem to be on track of taking over the House but only by the skin of their teeth. In the Senate, meanwhile, the Democrats have appeared to be able to hang on to their slim majority and may even pick up a seat if enough people in Georgia can figure out that being a dumb football player doesn’t qualify you to be a Senator. Much of the mini upset (many had predicted a red wave) can be blamed squarely on the shoulders of Trump endorsed candidates like Herschel Walker and Mehmet Oz. It was also a statement, by some Americans at least, that isn’t always about the economy, stupid. Because if you lose your rights as a human being, the economy doesn’t really matter so much, does it?

Post Presidency: n/a

Odd notes: When Senator, Biden was known to commute to work from nearby Delaware by way of Amtrak.

First Lady Jill Biden teaches as an English Professor

Final Summary: So, with only close to two years under his belt and historically low ratings from the public, it’s safe to say it’s a little too early to give Biden a final grade. It’s likely a difficult two years which will be made even more difficult should he lose the House (likely at this writing) and especially if he loses the Senate (he may survive, the seats up for re-election favor the Dems from a numerical standpoint).

Meanwhile, as of November 18,2022, he remains an unpopular President and only has a slightly more hostile congress because of the Trump controlled GOP that people are finally beginning to reject.

Biden also has the problem with age. Though certainly well meaning, it is obvious he is not as sharp as he once was in the Senatorial days. And people (or at least I do) see Vice President Kamala Harris as a Hilary Clinton, Jr. Not a good combination to be sure.

But as I noted in the Trump bio, we do live in strange times. Maybe the Dems and Republicans will field younger candidates who actually care about our country. Meanwhile, we have to ride the horse of Biden for the next two years, so all we can do is to cross our fingers and hope for the best.

At least we know Biden will give it his best.

Overall rating: Incomplete. Is not halfway through his term yet
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But looking for quality interaction on MB is like trying to stay hydrated by drinking salt water.
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Just caught up. What an effort

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