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Roku 08-16-2013 12:14 PM

Song Lyrics...
Okay, well a few years ago I heard this song. Can't remember exactly how long ago, though. It was on a commercial. I meant to check the song up all the way back then, but I forgot!

I just know that it's sung by a boy. I think it might've been a pop song, but I can't really remember what it sounded like too well. The lyrics were something like:

"You're in the spotlight. You're one of us."

That's all I can remember. I'm not even sure if I'll even still like that song, it's just that I've been wanting to know what it was for so long, I just have to know eventually. Thanks!

daturableu 08-17-2013 06:32 AM

Maybe be this :
"Just a slob like one of us"

Joan Osborne - One of Us ?

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