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Glaic 12-09-2015 10:57 PM

The Parent Song ?? (Full lyrics included)
Hi All,

Wondering if anyone can identify the song lyrics below. I grew up with my mother and grandmother singing it. It is known in my family as the parent song (no idea of a real title or whether it was ever recorded)

It has a folky country feel when my mother sings it... I have written down the lyrics as it was recently sung to me. The words listen and song are "held" when sung... As in:

"Stop a while and listeennn I won't keep you loonnng"


Stop a while and listen I won't keep you long
Just a little story I'll tell to you in song
About my dear old parents who now are far away
I'd like you all to listen to what I have to say
We were so happy just mother dad and me
As around the old home the birds sang merrily
Until one day without warning God took mother home
Leaving me and father to battle on alone
After mothers parting dad never was the same
And how the tears streamed down his face when ere I spoke her name
And then he Started drinking he drank both night and day
Always he was thinking of mother far away
One night while I was waiting for father at the door
To help him down the pathway as I had done before
A man brought me a message and as he bowed his head
My aching heart was filled with pain as these few words he said
Your father won't be home son his face you'll see no more
For he was killed this evening outside the hotel door
As he staggered across the roadway He fell and struck his head
And it breaks my heart to tell ya lad your dear old fathers dead
It's years now since that parting my time is drawing near
And soon I'll meet my parents the ones I love so dear
I am getting old and feeble my life on earth is done
But I know they'll be waiting to greet their only son.

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