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gbarcelona 04-20-2017 07:53 AM

Unknown Italian Song with Accordion (I think)
Last week (April 2017), I was driving through Tuscany, Italy with my family, and I heard this song on what seemed like a popular Italian radio station, however I am having a lot of trouble finding it. I do not know much Italian, so that definitely does not help... The song genre I would say is a mix of pop, alternative (not sure if it could be considered rock), and folk, and classical vocals. Male singer with an great voice. The song has what sounds like an accordion in it (or a similar sounding instrument). I would not say the song is very upbeat, but the males singer belts it at times. The closest comparison I can think of to this song is to songs by Beirut like Elephant Gun and Nantes.

The radio station I remember also played a song off of Ed Sheeran's new album (Divide), Ho fatto in tempo ad avere un futuro (Che non fosse soltanto per me) by Ligabue, and Passionfruit by Drake to give you a better sense of what kind of radio station it was.

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