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haroka 12-06-2017 07:53 PM

Folk song ID?
Hi there,

Several weeks ago I found myself whistling this tune, which my boyfriend recognized, but neither of us have been able to figure out what song it is since. We picked out the tune on banjo, which you can listen to here:

Whatever it is, it's a contemporary folk/Americana type song, with a bit of Irish/English shanty ballad sort of sound. It's sung by a male singer who has a low, gravelly, kind of garbled voice. I THINK it has a lyric something like "early in the morning" or "early in the morning dew"... but lyric searches have lead me nowhere.

It's not any of these, but it probably is in a related genre/related sound: Matthew and the Atlas, Mumford & Sons, George Ezra, Mandolin Orange, Elephant Revival


rubber soul 12-07-2017 04:42 AM

There's a song on YouTube that's actually called Early Morning Dew. Could it be that?

haroka 12-07-2017 10:18 AM

nope, sadly that's not it.

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