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era.zo32 12-04-2021 09:08 PM

Farewell one square meter
Hello every1, my name is era.zo32 and im searchig for your help. (excuse my english pls)

Now to describe the song, its no longer than 2:30 mins, it is a relaxing-funny rhythm, it started with an acustic guitar and being followed by a violin, both are in a very similar tone playing to stand out and almost the last 30 seconds comes an electric guitar solo with a soft rock style and ends the last seconds with some violin notes.

the only clue i have of the tittle its "one square meter" and "farewell", I was never able to fully decipher it.

Thanks for your attention.

i remember to first download this "song" in the Ares app when i was 8, 14 years ago, its very significant to me, i tried to find the original whith shazam and other and i just cant find it. yesteday my cellphone and pc died and the 2 copies i had die too.

this song helped my in many hard sittuations im really desperate to find it, THX again.

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