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holdyoualways 01-30-2006 01:20 PM

new found glory
new found glory is probably one of my favorite pop-punk bands. a lot of people are annoyed at jordans voice & thats understandable. my friends over you is, in my opinion, a great song. everyone knows it & likes it, even if its a guilty pleasure. all the people i know anyway. their earlier stuff was more pop than anything. & when they came out with "sticks & stones" they got more into a pop-punk style which has pretty much stayed consistant with their newer album.


Mr Sensitive 01-30-2006 01:27 PM

They suck.

ArtistInTheAmbulance 01-30-2006 01:43 PM


Most annoying voice. Ever.

Although, there is the odd song I dont mind once in a while. :( My Friends Over You wasnt so awful...

I feel ashamed to admit that.

Rockchik13 01-30-2006 02:48 PM

They are still around?

holdyoualways 09-19-2006 07:40 AM

new album out today
their new stuff is REALLY good
im probably the only one that thinks so but what the hell
dont ask me why they have emo as one of their genres...

The Dave 09-19-2006 07:58 AM

The new album is quite atrocious.

sleepy jack 09-19-2006 12:58 PM

lol, they continue getting worse and worse.

bungalow 09-19-2006 01:01 PM

lol, urrite

half_baked87 09-19-2006 03:10 PM

pretty bad, but there's much, much worse. they're first release was one of the records that started me into punk, so i can't hate them completely. but they need to pack it in. the fads over.

holdyoualways 09-19-2006 04:43 PM

i really AM the only person here that likes them

Ultra Hits Radio 09-20-2006 05:13 PM

Your not the only person that likes, i enjoy them myself i like their new single "It's Not Your Fault" We have been playing it on the radio and people have been starting to talk about it more often now, i think it will get up there on the rock music charts pretty soon.

Raine 09-23-2006 09:31 AM

I recently got wind of their song "Fault" or whetever it's called.
Yeah it sucks.

is there some sorta new trend for ok bands to release albums the suckiest album possible?

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