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DianneW 05-29-2021 05:29 PM

One Republic
A Band I love but never seen then mentioned on taste is very varied and so am lucky I can appreciate so many different genres and to me that is having your cake and eat it....

DianneW 05-31-2021 03:33 PM

Tristan_Geoff 05-31-2021 08:32 PM

not liek

DianneW 06-01-2021 12:43 AM

The Batlord 06-01-2021 06:45 AM

Wow your tastes are so varied you can even enjoy pop music.

SGR 06-01-2021 06:49 AM


DianneW 06-19-2021 05:14 PM

DianneW 06-19-2021 05:22 PM

may be errored

Mindfulness 06-19-2021 05:27 PM

awesome group

DianneW 06-22-2021 10:50 AM


Originally Posted by Mindfulness (Post 2176921)
awesome group

enjoy any song by them, which is unusual, do you pick and choose or like them all Mindfulness, also they deserve to be played...

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