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andram 09-10-2021 01:22 AM

please help, i need a favor ppl
i just cant found a songby brendan bennett feat nate traveller called OPTIONS,

can someone give me alinks to download it doesnt exist on youtube i dont know why i dont have iphone only android

thanks ppl i will appreciate it:bowdown:

Trollheart 09-10-2021 02:25 PM

Okay, I have checked everywhere, both on Brendan Bennett and Nate Traveller and that song does not seem to exist. Let me ask you, is it possible you got the name wrong? As far as I can see, Bennett only released one album, in 2018, and on that the only one he does with Nate Traveller is called "Skeletons". Is that perhaps the one you're looking for? That's available on YouTube; maybe you were just searching for the wrong title?

andram 09-11-2021 09:46 AM

look on you tube with this tittle

Training Session (sunny day vibes)

that is the song

Trollheart 09-11-2021 11:06 AM

Sent you a reply to your PM. Can't do any more I'm afraid. Hope you find it if it exists. Did you consider seeing if the guy has a facebook/instagram/twitter where you could ask him about it?

andram 09-11-2021 02:34 PM

You right bro hanks i will

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