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Laces Out Dan! 01-04-2007 12:21 AM

Mos Def
I can't believe there isnt a thread on Mos Def. Anyways..some tracks i think everyone should check out are..

The Boogie Man Song
Hip Hop
Close Edge
Sex, Love, & Money

Black on Both Sides in my personal favourite album. The New Danger is however a lot more diverse and experimental. Some really solid tracks on both albums.

Trauma 01-04-2007 12:27 AM

If you have that can you up it for me pleasee?

I really like Mos Def, he does a lot of really interesting things in his music to make it so diverse.
He also has a smooth voice and can play the guitar, good combination.

Sex, Love, & Money

Laces Out Dan! 01-04-2007 12:29 AM

Yeah, ill upload it now...Snickers do you like The Boogie Man Song?

sleepy jack 01-04-2007 12:31 AM

The Boogie Man Song was sick, I like it.

Trauma 01-04-2007 12:36 AM

"Let me be your fav. nightmare, close your eyes and I'll be right there"

Yeah it's pretty tight, I like most tracks on that album though.
It's not one of my favourites because it's so chill for so long and the beat doesn't differentiate.

Laces Out Dan! 01-04-2007 12:38 AM

Its by far my favourite Mos Def song on any album. Its trailed closely by "Hip Hop"...and i gotta thank you for getting me into this guy. Once you sent me that upload, i havent been able to stop listening to him.

The Boogie Man Song
"See me, want me, get me, touch me
Feed me, fuck me, love and trust me
This whole world is cold and ugly
What we are is low and lovely"

Trauma 01-04-2007 12:47 AM

It's an excellent album.
The guitar/piano combo on that song is ace.
I'm noticing this because I've listened to it four times lol.

Laces Out Dan! 01-04-2007 01:12 AM

Black on Both Sides.
Everyone Enjoy and then post their opinions on it.

Trauma 01-04-2007 01:21 AM

Thanks man, will do.

hajime 01-05-2007 10:42 PM

I'm a little dissapointed in myself, but the only Mos Def I've heard is his stuff on Black Star. Never really bothered to listen to his other stuff, I'm going to have to get on it.

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