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Captain Awesome 10-12-2009 06:51 AM

Not my favourites of all time by any means but just some random verses that i like.


I had a lot a questions;
I asked the devil to explain
Why I always think that people have it in for me?
And why I always feel like the sky’s closing in on me?
This is what he said,
“The sky’s not falling it’s just angels committing suicide,
Cos they’re so saddened by humans using genocide,
As a political tool, considering all you humans have,
The way you act belittles you all,
Now hell is so full that we started expanding,
Damnation is a business and the markets demanding.”
I asked him if the city streets buckled and cracked,
And hell rose to earth then would heaven collapse?
He smiled; I knew that smile was his response,
I thought to myself, he’s almost got what he wants,
He said “I’ll tell you my one desire,
That’s for earth itself to become my empire,
Every politicians like a gun for hire.
Even the church of nativity’s come under fire,
So you can tell I’m getting close to my goal,
Of creating a world where I can torture every soul


All it took was one in a trillion
In a world where they're gunning civilians
Where conspiracies just drop on us like plummeting buildings
Government villains at night, we are renegades who fight
Under a pilgrims plight for a better way of life
See we sail the seas with a sun stained atlas
To escape the day to day mental mundane madness
That consumes us, it's true, though my real answer lays
Is stepping back to view life's real grand Monet
But crucial issues are lost in this crazy worlds wealth
How can lust for bucks outweigh one baby girl's health?
Through the cyclone we hit the Third World and found heroes
With nothing but still everything, smiling at ground zero

So let the bullets in the air turn to raining rose petals
That covers the Earth's surface while the children throw pebbles
From dreams to themes, to a crack in the concrete
From a seed to a tree, I make it happen at God speed
Whatever happened to increase the peace
Fight the power for people to defeat the beast
Well it's right here, it's right now
It's anything I plan
It's a poem that proves a point
It's everything I am
So on a rainy day I made my way
To the promised land and back
And now it's safe to say in a crazy way
This song is where it's at
It's equal verse what wasn't given
Teachers verse the problem children
Evil verse the honest living
People verse the politicians


It’s the contemporary form of slavery, they call it slave labour
But they don’t prosecute them cuz it’s how they make paper
When you rocking that fly **** that’s made in China
By an eight year old child tryna feed his mama
He exposed to contamination and disease
And only fifty-five percent of them will get degrees
And the women have to try to placate the boss
Because it’s sex discrimination in the labour force
The slave master only let them speak in sign language
And they’re suffering from lung disease and eye damage
fourteen hour shifts, seven days a week
two ****ty meals a day, very little sleep
Human life only worth three cents an hour
All human right laws loose sense of power
What did four hundred years in the grave passes?
Only the improved cleverness of slave masters.

SATCHMO 10-21-2009 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by odie04 (Post 756107)
every word that comes outt lil waynes mouth!

Mmm...can't wait to see whatcha' got when you get to 15 posts.

Kirby 10-21-2009 06:42 PM

This verse is a true story, about Tech N9ne's best friend, Brian "B'zle" Dennis that died a few years ago...


Originally Posted by Tech N9ne - The Martini (Verse 3)
This is Brian,
He was a rebel and stayed on another level,
And had no intentions of dying,
He loved Kim a lot, above them was not,
But a jealous ex-husband would love them to rot,
I guess he loved kim still,
His only thoughts him, them, kill,
'Cause he a coward motha fucka,
On Christmas Eve he broke in and waited in they house for hours,
Crazy mother fucker!
Brian pulled up with Kim and little Alissa in the car,
Saw a shadow in the house from afar and said 'Wait!"
Got out the car, opened the gate, walked in the house,
And her fucking ex sealed my nigga's fate.
That was my best friend, Bitch Ass Nigga!
Walked out the house and shot Kim right in front of Alissa,
Then he saved the last shot for him, blast!
Now you better hope I don't go to hell, because I'ma be on your ass!


Originally Posted by Tech N9ne - K.O.D. (Verse 1)
Wanna live in my world you have to have a Tech tat,
Preferably the number nine and you gotta get it where the back of yo neck's at,
Gotta let me know that you rep that, plus get you out of a death trap,
You need it for livin cause I'm the king and I'm givin you the permission to get with a no stress pack,
That was ordos at chlorum cause the old world orders post mortem disfailure inhaling cell and delta,
Watched it swell and swelter, till there was no male in shelter,
Yes I'm the one that provided ya shell in hell and held ya,
When your politicians were welters, so I built this structure just to help ya,
So the communists can come and quell ya, they call me the King of Darkness, when I offer you no pain,
Why would they label me heartless, when your love is my cocaine?
And your soul is my rogaine, I have a thirst to know your brain,
When you enter my domain gotta take this number for your name,
But you don't have to drink cyanide, I'm gonna be right by ya side,
If we gotta take that riot ride, on the enemy and defy your side,
Fight for the place we're building, for the reproduction of more children,
Tryin to get that number back around 6 billion, I'm gonna rule until then,
Founded this colony like a pilgrim, anybody try to penetrate this section or threaten we KILL THEM.

Surell 10-25-2009 09:11 PM

my favorite ghostfaces:


I said Big O, hydro-face, pass me the sazone, it's on
There go son, tap out the hash bone
Half moon, he rock, three's fourth quarter length
No jewels, no rocks, it's not worth the spotlight
His gun tool, was a half a hill
That's a six digit slip behind five sticks, eatin' steel, **** him
We gon' -- we gon' get our money
If he front, they gon' read about the rocks in his tummy
Mouth was red, socks was bloody, **** all the talkin'
Safety off and ****, crept out, "What up money? Freeze!"
Don't move, turn around, act like James Brown
And get down! Get slapped with the put down
Wasn't you the same clown? Uptown, yappin'
I keep big Shirley on my side, so What's Happenin'?
Try eatin' these shells, they non fattening
After you digest gat, I'mma stomp you bastards
So take that.. blaow, blaow! Ghost, he still breathing
Blaow, blaow! Anything after that it don't matter
Your homies and your close relatives
Even them nosy ass pigs'll get splattered
It's the TH-EO-DORE, send me to Iraq I come back with don heat
Teeth, less than a week, they be callin' me
Keep with the fists, cuz I sure do cook when it's beef

Yo Lord did you peep that
That nigga pussy, that's why I'm gon' eat that
Live and direct, five Tec's, med hat
Hugh Hef' rows, bang on that out of town nigga coz he UFO
Patiently press upon him
Ask him, "who you know? where you from?
What's up Duke?" Watch how you pop ya gum
Empty ya pockets'fore the cops come
When that bus take off past the light that ass better Run
An' don't look back (no), hide if you have to
Dollar vans, just Run into boats if he have to
Even got a .38, don't give me no hastle
When that little brown book in your pocket read Mathew's
Jesus Christ, brothers around here stick together like cheap rice
So Run little doggy, wolves is comin'
Tell him London, he get done in
Flame boy to his brains, hangin' out his onion

Colton 10-27-2009 03:01 PM

The more you scream,
the less I hear.
The more you're out,
the less I spend on beer

I still watch you 'cause I believe
There's somethin' true beind your teeth
It's in them secrets that you keep
Fish outta water trying to breathe
~Slug on POS track

jacklovezhimself 10-27-2009 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by Surell (Post 758157)
my favorite ghostfaces:

those both seem familiar, where are they from?

Surell 10-27-2009 09:20 PM

The Pretty Toney Album, the first one is from the song Biscuits and the second is Kunta Fly Shit.

jacklovezhimself 10-27-2009 09:21 PM

yeah, nice.

Surell 10-27-2009 09:23 PM

I been wantin to get another Ghostface since getting back into the Pretty Toney Album. I've heard Supreme Clientele or Iron Man. gots any recommendationz?

jacklovezhimself 10-27-2009 09:25 PM

Ironman and Supreme Clientele are essential.
Fishscale is also very very good.

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