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RedBassGirl 04-23-2005 07:53 PM

What do you think of Rammstein? Everyone around here is crazy about "that", which makes me sick, because of all the good groups of their genre in germany,the worst (and despised by most) is the only one that made it overseas.

EDGE 04-23-2005 08:20 PM

No thanks.

Anarchy doll 04-24-2005 06:55 PM

i remember that one song they had.....DU! DU HAST! DU HAST MESH!
other than that, I could care less!

sleepy jack 04-24-2005 10:36 PM

I love Rammstien speakin of which i need to add them to my fav bands list thier so awesome.

blackTshirt 04-25-2005 12:52 AM

yeah.. DU! DU HAST! is the first thing that comes into my mind.. that and "Amerika"
they're pretty scary and God knows what they're singing about...

pastor of muppets 04-25-2005 12:57 AM

hahaha! germans.....

blackTshirt 04-25-2005 01:02 AM

hehe.. what can i say..
i know some words in german, though.. like bitte, danke, hund, haus, maus... the easy ones

haha i so suck!

pastor of muppets 04-25-2005 01:04 AM

i lived in germany for a year.... its a hole of a place... fricken cold....

pastor of muppets 04-25-2005 01:05 AM

hey blacktshirt how do you change the text under your name???

blackTshirt 04-25-2005 01:13 AM

i've been to germany several times.. i love it

and about the name... give me one sec and i'll tell ya

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