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bogey_j 12-09-2009 11:11 PM

Did Altamont Prove Just How..
pussy most rock stars really are?

rock stars by their very nature present this tough-guy image and command the respect of thousands whenever they play shows. Altamont to me proved just how powerless rock stars are once **** really hits the fan.

you had mick jagger all like 'please, please love eachother. stop itt, stop itt, peace and love man'

and then kieth richards chimes in 'hey man if you all don't stop it right now we're not gonna play man'

when kieth said that, he reminded me of that little kid that takes his ball away when he loses a game.

there's also an unintentionally hilarious moment that cracked me up, when mick is singing and doing all his usual mannerisms, and it cuts to a biker who's on stage and he's looking at mick in disgust, like he's a fancy boy or something.

SATCHMO 12-09-2009 11:15 PM

Altamont was a very tragic moment in music history. I don't really think is an an indictment of the musicians that played, although if the situation were handled differently lives could have been saved.

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