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jimmyjkar 10-09-2012 07:12 AM

miles davis - dark magus
yo whatsup guys. im mostly a jazz musician. i used to listen to a lot of metal but never played it. i was wondering if you guys would think that this song sounds like metal at all? to me it sounds like all the grunge-death-infested-fetus-soup-genres. But i think that you guys might just think it sounds like jazz. i really have no clue. some of you might have an idea of what im tlaking about.

SGR 09-05-2021 10:43 PM

This album is definitely more metal than anything Batlord listens to, that's for sure.

jadis 09-06-2021 12:38 AM

The difficulty to define it is not unrelated to how immersive and enjoyable it is

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