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The Batlord 07-31-2019 12:17 AM

None So Vile (Cryptopsy) vs. The Cleansing (Suicide Silence)
This isn't so much an actual vs. thread as it is about the idea that metal bands trying to be the most brutal often have a window of relevance where they are the best band of their kind on the planet and then that's it nobody cares about them no matter how good they were. Cryptopsy had two albums anybody truly cares about and a few albums their fans latch onto and elevate more than is deserved, and one of those two albums (their debut) is basically redundant after that one that truly mattered.

Suicide Silence had much the same moment with their debut The Cleansing which captured a moment in modern brutal death metal that afaic perfected everything that deathcore was trying to be and nothing before or since captured that same lethality, but also nothing before or since by the band has come close to being as relevant.

I can say the same about Suffocation (with their debut being the most relevant but having added relevance due to the tech death heights of Pierced from Within, therefore giving them two albums of note).

Like, there's just no staying on top of something so basic and mindless as being the most brutal band on earth.

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