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donkeydoo 01-08-2021 01:10 PM

9 ROCK sub-genre/genre-fusion playlists [Blues, Heavy Blues, Funk, Reggae, Prog, etc]
Hey banterers!

As I mentioned in a thread in the Indie board, I spent a lot of last year's extra time making the shift to spotify and organising my music into playlists. A few friends caught on, peer pressured me and it became a thing I share with a group of over 90 now. Anyway, as all the work is being done, I may as well share outside my circle. So please find 9 very extensive, well curated, collection of catchy songs in specific sounds-

GO WITH THE FLOW - Blues x Rock / 360+ catchy blues-rock songs exploring every corner of the genre. Very varied!

SLUDGE FACTORY - Blues x Hard-Rock / 260+ heavy blues-rock songs with more grinding riffs, sludgier grooves and heavier distortion than the previous playlist.

FEELING ALRIGHT - Reggae x Rock / 220+ songs that can be best described as emulating the more chilled Sublime songs, somewhere in between reggae and soft rock.

TASTE LIKE FUNK - Funk x Rock / 150+ songs to get your groove on to with chicka chicka guitars, slappa da basses with rock umph to your dose of funk

STRANGER BY THE MINUTE - Progressive Rock / Progressive Rock does NOT lend itself to playlists with its super long songs and concept albums. So this is essentially a collection of the catchiest, more mass appealy progressive rock songs, roughly about half from older bands (Led Zep, Yes, Rush, etc) and half from newer (Porcupine Tree, Opeth, etc).

WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN? - Pop x Punk / A 90/00s pop punk retrospective of 220+ catchy songs from across that scene.

COMMON PEOPLE - Brit-Pop & Indie Classics < 2010 / 350+ catch all hits station from that 90s and 00s indie-rock sound, especially in the UK.

WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS - Woodstock '69 / A collection of 120+ of the best songs from the artists at Woodstock'69

and finally...

ROCK OF AGES - Classic Rock / An attempt to put every rock hit from the 60s, 70s and 80s in one playlist. 570+ songs

Hope you enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated :)

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