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elwarr0 05-27-2008 07:28 PM

Car Trip
Hey, I'm looking for an awesome playlist that last at least 3 hours...

My girlfriend and i are taking a trip that will take us a solid 2 1/2 hours, and i want to have an awesome sing along to the song, silly fun experience...

so im looking for songs in which everybody knows, and can sing along to them...


elwarr0 05-27-2008 07:34 PM


Predator 05-27-2008 07:52 PM

Did you really bump a thread after 6 minutes?

take a look here

and notice this

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Urban Hatemonger

Grab one of those top 40 CD's that they sell in wal mart. Grab a few and it should cover your trip.

sleepy jack 05-27-2008 07:54 PM

Download some Merzbow albums, they fit your description.

Predator 05-27-2008 07:56 PM

I was thinking of "kidz bop"

Kidz Bop

Laughing Boy 05-28-2008 09:37 PM

I burned an album for when I drive, it never leaves my CD player. You should copy it it'll definitely get her in your pants.

1. Dinosaur Jr. - Just Like Heaven
2. Yo La Tengo - Pass The Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind
3. Pixies - U-Mass
4. Tom Waits - Such A Scream
5. Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps
6. Placebo - Nancy Boy
7. Queens of the Stone Age - Quick And To The Pointless
8. The Breeders - Cannonball
9. The Smiths - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
10. Frank Black - Headache
11. The Hold Steady - You Can Make Him Like You
12. The Smiths - Handsome Devil
13. Jane's Addiction - Stop
14. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Details Of The War
15. Morrissey - Girl Least Likely To
16. Velvet Underground - Rock & Roll
17. Radiohead - Just
18. Animal Collective - The Purple Bottle

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