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rubber soul 10-22-2017 04:21 AM

The Lost Kinks Album Poll
Okay, so I've seen album polls on the Beatles and Stones, and the Who, as much as I love them, had maybe three or four actually great albums.

So that leaves the Kinks. Vote for your Favorite LP. The winner gets to be President of the United States but only if it wins the Electoral Vote :rolleyes:.

rubber soul 10-22-2017 07:18 AM

Ack! There was a Kinks poll already. Oh well, please disregard this one. :D

OccultHawk 10-22-2017 08:39 AM

I think it's bull**** that we only had one Kinks favorite album poll thread. Now we got two places where Village Green will conquer all comers. This is the rematch, bitches.


rubber soul 10-24-2017 03:43 AM

I don't know, Occult. Something Else is giving Village Green a run for its money. :yikes:

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