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TrampInaTux 05-16-2007 08:43 PM

Julie Part 1.
The clinking of the bottles in the carrier bags
of the morning masses brandishing their bus passes
cos tonight will be the night before the morning of tomorrow
when Julie has to take 3 showers just to get rid of the sorrow (oh no)
these lads wouldn't change her for the world
cos they don't know any better, so young, so free, and all her letters
to that bright charming man down Dorset in his caravan
have received no reply, which leaves her to question why
she threw all her youth down a wishing well
she'll think **** it tonight, but tomorrow she'll be guilty as hell.
The kids well in, it's like a mission from God
suggestive words, to this bird, you dirty little sod
while her lads away on a family holiday,
you'll take your chances, whatever the **** romance is
you'll do it, you promise, you'll times what he can do,
by two, he says "Julie PLEASE come to!"
"Realise that your fella won't ever treat you any better"
Julie accepts this, it's a safe bet,
breaks off into a cold sweat, as the lads lips slide down her neck
now they've both got nothing on, they lay down, damage done
lad squirts, Julie squirms, she feels the sperm

I'll continue this another time, if you think it's any good.

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