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MikeKrum 11-13-2007 12:02 PM

Do You Mind Me Asking
Hi, here's the lyrics to one of my songs. Comments are very welcomed. Thanks. MK

"do you mind me asking?
i think i could soothe
the mixed up mind you've got
working for you,
placing your faith in your money
so you can improve.

you've got 30 things but you're paying up on 4,
now you can see why you're doing your chores,
cause you pay and you pay and you pay
for the things that you own,
and they're making you smile less
they're making you weathered and old.

we grew up on the same block, don't think i don't know who you are,
well here comes your mother and father and here's what they say:
"my boy's doing alright but we think that he's going insane".

play out you're options although you may lose,
light a fire and burn all the clues,
so no one will know what you did or can tell what you do,
you've given too much with your hands in the air,
always complaining that s#$t isn't fair,
but you're playing a game where the lines are drawn up on the fly,
and the words that you say aren't you ,
they're from some other guy!"

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