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~*Occulence*~ 11-25-2007 07:52 PM

My sad attempt at satire
so i'm not to good at it yet:

The flow in droves,
Breaking the mold,
Stealing from the old,
But still making less,
I must confess,
A support for this grand scheme,
‘Tis a great plan, you see,
When the middle class reaps the rewards,
And the polar opposites sit lost for words,
As one carries on, the other falls back,
For they lack the knack,
And physicality,
It’s this duality,
That keeps the machine churning,
Every politician’s wet dream,
It’s a win for the little man, and a when for you,
For where would we be without this plan, Y Tu?

So foolproof it’s unbelievable,
These poor men who invade our schools,
With their seeds of promise,
To inherit the money from us,
Starting up small, ending up big,
So good one would say it’s rigged,
But it’s not, it’s like natural selection,
On paper they’re poor, but their will corrects them,
A dime a dozen,
But they work like a thousand,
Very little covers them,
As we sit high above them,
But their output outweighs,
What they are paid,
As the others retire,
They inherit the fire,
And leave the others in dust,
No one seems to give a what?

It’s amazing you see,
When there barely free,
They act just like us,
They’re gray just like us,
They bleed just like us,
But their machines that work for us,
It makes me sick how it works,
But in the end they will smirk,
They took down the boomers,
The mass of late bloomers,
In the end,
The hardest workers,
Always win.

if i messed up grammatically, it was just a slip up, cuz i haven't really double checked a lot of stuff yet.

Urban Hat€monger ? 11-25-2007 08:23 PM

Where's the satirical bit?

PaperHurricanesAndPlanes 11-25-2007 09:09 PM


~*Occulence*~ 11-25-2007 09:30 PM


Originally Posted by Urban Hatemonger (Post 416965)
Where's the satirical bit?


Originally Posted by PaperHurricanesAndPlanes (Post 416978)

hence why it's my sad attempt. it was supposed to be about illegal immigrants and how they're going to take all the money from the baby boomers.

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