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godzilla 06-08-2008 04:36 PM

trying to learn basic music theory so i can become a songwriter....
ok, so i've been self-teaching myself music theory and piano in order to start writing my own songs.

i understand scales, chords, the diatonic chords of a scale... but i can't seem to get what makes chord progressions sound good...

like... is there a certain pattern that usualy sounds good? like, a minor chord, major chord, augmented chord... or w.e.

and how do you match a melody to a chord?

i'm just so lost in how to actually write songs... i understand all the theory so far...

mellofello 06-08-2008 08:40 PM

Use your major scale. Alot of songs are written with three major chords which correspond to the I, IV, V of the major scale. for instance in the key of C the chords would be C, F, G. and generally a song starts on I.

now the way I write songs is to get a melody in my head and try to use the I, IV, and V to fit the melody. Now if none of those chords work try VI. In this case A, you will find that it usually wants to be a minor chord in popular music.

so if C, F, G doesn't work try Am. if that isn't it try D which may be a 7, so D7. If you are just learning songwriting try to adjust the melody to fit within a few simple chords. Another good way to write songs when you are starting is to take a song you know. Write your own lyrics to it, and after you have done that change the melody. original lyrics + original melody = original song.

mellofello 06-09-2008 02:52 PM

IMO the melody of the song should come from your imagination. you use the theory to construct the music around the melody. However, I'm sure many songs especially metal or hard rock start with a guitar riff and then the lyrics come second. so I guess it all depends, if you can't come up with a melody out of your imagination you may be able to find one tinkering around with a scale on your instrument of choice.

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