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FireInCairo 11-14-2008 05:53 AM

I adore you

Got caught in a snuff
Oh Lipstick, navy coverlet
I know she can never get enough
On my mind
Turn off the lmaplight
My heroes dead before I was born

I, I, I adore you
I, I, I adore you
I, I, I adore you
I, I, I adore you

Mirror daze
I need to shave
and cut my teeth
In fine form and of perfect mind
I climb sequential crime
She feels she's misunderstood
I get nobody,
gets nothing from me
gets nothing from, me


Red shirt a-shabby
I don't like it
dress sharp to survive
and feel like it
she will never
she will never love you
for you.


FireInCairo 11-14-2008 05:59 AM


I'm so tired
You got me wired
I'm so tired
You got me wired

I believe in codeine
I believe in codeine
oh vagrancy and valium i spurn
Trampled under foot with my sweet cherie

I hate the beatles
Am i satan?
I hate the beatles
Am i satan?

Sadly spliff and sauterne
Doesn't sit well with my fine fellows
Oh, I'm fancy free and serene

FireInCairo 11-14-2008 06:02 AM

I am Holy

It turns, it creaks and swallows whole
red crimson, acres of the flesh
it shows to me and to the god of sin
where I want to be forevermore
sadly, sorry I can only visit it
now once or thrice a week no more
soon to be so much
I will never sleep again
I can never sleep again

I am holy
Be wholesome true
never fall away
It shall never be

Psychotropic eulogy
nice for a change its free
dressed in all black to stun
and turn the tide against you
perform a function
perform a function or die
I dont mind, but for me its the
Wrong line
Wrong line

FireInCairo 11-14-2008 06:06 AM

Sluts (lets touch)

Sluts x many

Mac meets the true black meat in rwanda,
buying a good luck charm.
no one needs that sad old creep around us,
saddle up like bitch in the monnlight

lets lets lets lets touch

I don't like to remind you,
It goes on and on and
you face delirium, salivate,
Cheap eats the forest sleeps
to remind you,
why i don't like to go back.

Fallacy the poor girl sleeps with piranas
jungle vine vicissitude.
I can see that sad old creep around us,
its a side saddle situation.

FireInCairo 11-14-2008 06:13 AM


Callous and self centred
She's not that gullible
She asks for nothing
And gets all she asks
I'm not prepared
For this
I'm not prepared
For this Game

It doesn't matter If we all die
Cause I'm burning
I am burning
A shipwreck
For nothing
She pays for play
She pays for play

Bored and indifferent
I am too cool to care
What you want and why Im here
Oh what you want and why I'm
Oh why I'm here
why I'm here
why I'm

I don't know why I am here
why I'm here
watch out
watch out
you could be next
could be next
Im all all aware

Innocent and isolated
Restrained and lacerated
Our little lady,
Dolls and china.
Turns out she's sons of course
I'm not cut out
For this.


FireInCairo 11-14-2008 06:17 AM

Her song ( a little song i wrote for my girlfriend when she was a somewhat unrequited love)

you looked so good today
In your free tibet tee-shirt
I just wanted to say
you looked so good today

The other night
You were lying on my couch
your hair was all messed up
you looked gorgeous in the firelight

I want you
But I can't
This friends thing
Isn't getting any easier

FireInCairo 11-14-2008 06:21 AM

Our love on fire

Spent vodka nights, dreaming
Broken bottles, flashing lights
Its all ahead, the future
nothing meant, nothin...

Our love on fire
It never burns
No complaint
No sign
Of restraint
Our love is on fire

Under fluorescan lights,
flashbulb crush, past fights.
Huddled corner, hushed drinks,
feeling free i make a pass.

Under lemon trees
my recollections, type writer dreams.
I recoil in fear, at the kin
gathered here.

FireInCairo 11-14-2008 06:24 AM


Look up
Look at what you've
Why'd you have to
make it that worse
You always do that

You fall on the ground
Im feeling fine even though
I like you better when you're ****ed up
Its cold outside
and we might die
but i dont care
I wish i did
I wish I did

Don't worry
Keep walking
I'm not even here
Don't worry
keep walking
why dont you notice?

Just because she's there
Doesn't mean you can stare
A bad mistake
A bad mistake
watch out killer

FireInCairo 11-14-2008 06:28 AM

By the seaside

She loved the silence
Oh she lived by the sea
she strolled down by the ocean side
In her blue print
A bleak and barren sight
Oh the fear, great delight
they whispered oh IM drowning
endless night
oh I might
Oh I

Ive tried over again
My mistake, mine to make
I surrender to you r embrace

Dismayed with life
It takes control
struggle against the current
my second guess
only seconds left
I regret
I regret
Nothing, nothing
at all

I look to the sea
Dull rushing waters break
I look to the sea
Dull rushing waters break
I look to the sea
Dull rushing waters break
and I know I'm still fine

FireInCairo 11-14-2008 06:31 AM


Never was much of a lyricist
Closest I got was when I kissed you on the lips
take a swim, she said
Take a swim

I think I may retire
This room's reserved
for two and fire
I think I may retire
This room's reserved
for two and fire

Never really cared about your life
Stabbed you in the back, maybe twice
I see red
I see red on her lips

I'm not well
Pallid skin and sunken cheeks
I should see somebody
I should see somebody bout that.

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