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SGT .JAR 01-01-2009 05:39 PM

SGT .JAR's writing corner
Hi! im brand spanking new to these parts, so ill just say what i have to. this thread shall be my area to share my writings and songs with those of you who care even alittle. hope you like them and as they come along and ill add more eventually, as the inspiration hits me like a 16-wheeler :D.
any comments or advice is welcomed.

i dont have a name for this one yet but i think its an allright song of mine.

Head aching, its hard to breath,
blood churning, its hard to think,
vision's fading 'round the edges,
and still i'm moving around the ring.

This world, trying to take me down;
I will not go! Not here, not now!

This life, so cruel,
impossible to know what tomorrow brings,
to hope is to be a fool,
This fire in my eyes will not be winked!{/released/blinked (not sure yet)}

This world, trying to take me down;
I will not go! Not here, not now!

The drummer boy taps his last beat,
as thunder from cannons flow,
grown men from these sights flee,
as the bullet wound begins to grow.
the enemy thinks youll go quiet,

This world, trying to take me down;
I will not go! Not here, not now! [x2]

I see the reaper's smile,
i can tell that ive been felled.
and suddenly im no longer of rank and file,
i smile.
One more reporting, ive served enough time in hell.

This world, trying to take us down;

deep_and_depressing 01-02-2009 09:23 AM

I think you should call it 'Take me Down'

SGT .JAR 01-10-2009 11:28 AM

thank you deep and depressing, i think i will call it that. ok, i have another one today, and im hoping this one is good. :crazy:

'Laughing dead'


The dead smile at us,
almost as though holding a secret.
They tease us,
calling us closer with every living second,
to their cold embrace.

The dead care little if they rise again.
They know only one thing;
it is better to be alive.

So while life is waisted on the lifeless,
hope is waisted on the hopeless.
I care little to rise again.

Our suffering is ignored,
As they feast and rejoice at prosperity,
The hangmen's noose looks quite warm,
shielding me from the cold of the world.


and ive got another poem for whoever cares


Look into my eyes.
You see it dont you?
I feel the fear in your gaze,
As you watch the fire in mine.
This flame thats been burning so long,
Through generations past and proud.
An inheretance etched in my skin.
For all to see and rightly hate.
They tried to destroy us,
But failed miserably.
And now, we're coming back.
Through your prejudice and injustice,
We will come stronger and closer.
So when you look at me that way,
And you see me smile;
That wide-eyed smile of thirst and madness,
Know that death is the least of my worries.
A welcome relief from such a cold world.
The only thing that keeps me alive and warm,
Is this fire in my eyes.

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