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ghaw2007 11-19-2014 03:17 PM

Say Goodbye

Verse 1
Turn all the lights off
And don’t forget to lock the door
The party has come to an end
I walk on these streets
While the rain starts to fall down
And all of a sudden I hear your voice
That is deep inside my mind
But I think it’s just my imagination

Verse 2
I stand alone
Thinking that you were the person you claimed to be
Now I know I was wrong
If being close to you was a crime
Then I’m guilty
If I had known what would happen
I would have made different choices
I would have chosen a different path

Verse 3
Another day will soon arrive
And I will start over
I’ll begin something new
I’m letting go once and for all
You will not hold me back
Through the morning, through the night
I will no longer live in the past
You’ll be the one left behind

I gave you all I had
Whenever we were together
But while I was gone
You took my love for granted
It’s too late to turn back now
This is the moment for us to move on
Say goodbye

Written by B. (2003)
Copyright 2003

ghaw2007 11-19-2014 03:33 PM

Let It Be Me

Verse 1
I’ve seen you hurting
Time and time again
I know what you’re going through
You’re wandering alone
Not knowing where to go
But it just doesn’t dawn on you
Your body aches
And your mind is weak
Everything around you looks bleak
Life has been throwing too many punches at you

Verse 2
I know that you are scared
And you have every right to be
That’s the only way to be brave
I’ll give you a helping hand
Whenever you need to get the job done
There is no reason for you to run
Take a look
I’m not a crook
And I’m not the kind of person that rooks
I’ll be the one who you can always depend on

Verse 3
Everything will be different soon
Once you let me in your life
You will have the chance to breathe again
If you’re looking for a good listener
I’m the person you can come and talk to
No problem’s too big to discuss
Start by trusting yourself
Then rely on me
And everything will come naturally
You will no longer be the one left behind

Verse 4
I’ll guide you anyway I can
I’ll come to your aid when you need to stand
So if you need to fall apart
I can mend a broken heart
Soon memories will not be of fear
And your future will be bright and clear
The thought of leaving has never crossed my mind
I will be easy to find

Are you looking for a friend?
Someone who cares for you?
Someone who will be by your side?
Someone who will help you grow?
Someone who laughs with you?
Someone who’ll be there through the bad times?
If you are, let it be me

Written by B. (2000)
Copyright 2000

ghaw2007 11-19-2014 03:36 PM

They Were Wrong, So We Drowned

Verse 1
We trusted them, we voted for them
We believed in what we were told
They were powerful, they were fearless
They declared war against everyone
We were ignorant as to what was going on
They took advantage of their position
We continue to be complacent
They still control us

Verse 2
We relied on them, we answered to them
At times we received what we deserved
They were nefarious, they were demagogues
They wanted everything for themselves
We were ignorant as to what was going on
They took advantage of their position
We continue to be complacent
They still abuse us

We were manipulated as if we were puppets
They saw themselves as our masters
Slavery continued well into the future
Crimes were committed every second
Our right to live was violated
Our right to be free was stolen
Our right to love was denied

Chorus 1
They were wrong, so we drowned
They were misled, so we died

Chorus 2
They were wrong, so we drowned
They were misled, so we died
We paid for the consequences of their actions

Chorus 3
They were wrong, so we drowned
They were misled, so we died
We paid for the consequences of their actions
And ours as well
They were wrong, so we drowned

Written by B.

ghaw2007 11-19-2014 03:37 PM

They'll Never Know

Verse 1
I am prone to feel the way I do
Part of my life is predetermined
Sometimes I am irrational
I don't have much control over myself

Verse 2
How could they do the things they did?
If they truly loved me, they would have acted differently
Then I wouldn't have ended up the way I am

The enduring effects of my childhood
Are what I experience every day
They have manifested themselves in a variety of ways
I feel empty
I'm unsure of my identity
Self-destructive impulses have taken over me

Chorus 1
They'll never know how I feel
I'm too afraid to tell them

Chorus 2
They'll never know how I feel
I'm too ashamed to tell them
They'll never know how I feel
Because my scars will not heal

Chorus 3
They'll never know how I feel
I'm too afraid to tell them
They'll never know how I feel

Written by B. (2004)
Copyright 2004

ghaw2007 11-19-2014 03:39 PM

Verse 1
Being next to you is such a thrill
There is no place else I would rather be
You have everything I want
No one comes close to being you
And no one ever will
You have everything I need
My heart tells me that you're the one for me
I certainly agree
Verse 2
Your lips are tender
Each time we kiss I remember
The motions in which our bodies move
My heart tells me that you're the one for me
I certainly agree
Chorus 1
I have soared up to the sky
I don't want to bring myself down
This is what you have done to me
I am feeling a thrill deep within me
This sensation is indescribable
Chorus 2
The look in your eyes is romantically enticing
I will not turn away from you
This is what you have done to me
I am feeling a thrill deep within me
This sensation is indescribable

Written by B. (January 2004)
Copyright 2004

ghaw2007 11-19-2014 03:43 PM

The Name of The Game

Verse 1
Now, here
See the plan and disappear
There, always
Embrace hope and fight the fear
Today, in this place
Memorize newfound disgrace
Far away, tomorrow
Soak in illusion and push back the sorrow
Adjust the plan and continue to care
Think of being anywhere but here

Verse 2
Good, right
Resolve conflicts with worldly might
Okay, sure
Shift alliances if you prefer
Wait, for now
The right to live will not take a bow
Begin, again
Adoration is not the goal
Adjust the plan and inherit wealth
Become familiar with collective amnesia

Confer with your tribes when creating monsters
Debate with your tribes to manage monsters
Manipulate your tribes to exterminate monsters
Rush to the podium to accept your reward
You have lived up to your birthright
Congratulations are in order

Undercurrents of hate occupy the land
Natural crowns are the killing kind
Truth and reconciliation is the name of the game
States of minds remain unchanged
Gossip is prime verbal transaction
Defective is reflective in traditional factions
Complexion is regulated along foreign lines
Inaction is your preference, not mine

Written by B. (Wednesday, April 23, 2014)
Copyright 2014

ghaw2007 11-19-2014 03:46 PM


Verse 1
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" They asked
"I want to be a flower" She said
"You cannot be a flower" They replied
"I have seen it happen" She said
She's young and ideas are brewing in her blood
Passion is the guiding force
She's fragile and beautifully unconventional
Everything seems possible

Verse 2
Operating with many notes
Different approaches must be considered
Demands on body and mind can be frustrating
Always pull yourself together
Plasticity should never be crafted
When you trust yourself, truth is revealed
Transform your baggage into positive energy
Newfound determination is a progression of vitality

Life is a revolving door of madness
Generate hope instead of sadness
Comparison can lead to obsession
Development of identity creates a stable foundation
Brokenness is like ashes falling from the sky
Healing of souls is a delicate process, if you try

Construct your aspiration
Strive for confidence
You don't have to look hard
To find magic in the world
Construct your motivation
Strive for clarity
Having a sense of purpose is the critical element
Construct your tranquillity
Strive for peace of mind
Destructive forces continually challenge ways of life

Written by B. (Wednesday, April 30, 2014)
Copyright 2014

ghaw2007 11-19-2014 03:48 PM

The Love Season

Verse 1
You're everything I need
You are not what I'm looking for
You're the only true friend I've ever had
I want nothing to do with you
The days were long and hot
But the nights were longer and cooler
That didn't change how I felt about you
Until this very moment

Verse 2
Belongings in the hallway
Your dirty clothing in the bathtub
Everything now out in the open
Your heart on your sleeve has company
I grew, I lied
I now know that I should have tried
To stop from drowning in the rain
I've made mistakes repeatedly

The warmth, patience and joy
Have all dissipated from ourselves
Piercing winds and unforgiving nights
Have come around again

Chorus 1
Withered and bruised
How dare you take me for granted
How dare you take advantage of me
I wanted to see you shine
As you became more of yourself
I fell in love with you

Chorus 2
It was you and I against the world
It was you and I feeling alive
At the height of the love season

Written by B. (2007)
Copyright 2007

ghaw2007 11-19-2014 03:51 PM

Oh, D

Verse 1
Obscure and emotionally incomplete
Away from social defeat
But not you
They've had you for a decade
While I just found out
Jealousy continues to abound

Verse 2
Leather and sportish gear
Preference is for all things bare
Your favourite game is tag
I so wish I could have been your regular challenger
Passion continues to abound

Verse 3
You are driven inside
But you're not attempting to hide it from me
You touched me more deeply
More than just a tap on my shoulder
But you're inside my head
Your roughness will not be forgotten
Oh, D, can you please help me?

You're just what I've wanted
For all of this time
But couldn't attain it
You're modifying your foundation
Adding layers to your core away from here
Oh, D, you're vanishing

Written by B. (Sunday, April 15, 2012)
Copyright 2012

ghaw2007 11-19-2014 03:54 PM

With You

Verse 1
Chilly reply with feeling
Intention was to meet up in a group
But I declined
There was no interest in the other guy
I was unsure by what you had to offer
So I just said "No"

Verse 2
Second chances are rare but always good
Especially when the outcome is fruitful
I knew just what to expect
But you were better than the thoughts I envisioned

High intensity encounters are great
But experiencing them with you is better
You let me know things
And your thoughts are clear
Thank you for sharing them with me

Chorus 1
With you I will always say "Yes"
Being next to you
Is where I want to be

Chorus 2
With you I will always say "Yes"
I am not intimidated by you

Chorus 3
With you I will always say "Yes"
I will show you who I am
Appreciate every moment with you
Even when nothing is spoken

Written by B. (Sunday, April 15, 2012)
Copyright 2012

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