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ghaw2007 04-10-2015 09:48 AM


Verse 1
They crossed the oceans and brought it to your land
They kneeled down and laid it at your feet
If only you were wise enough
You'd know that they were your enemy
Under the guise of brotherly love
Distorted realities came to be
Passing from one tribe to another
Like the manufacturing of a vehicle
Ancient truths were either hidden
Or simply lost to history
Modern customs were adopted
And now are the dominant beliefs

Verse 2
Between thighs and across the head
Along the rivers and into the heart
The ravenous ways of savages
Were much feared and greatly celebrated
The tears from fears and assault on the land
Gave way to new territories
Your bodies were ravaged from experiments
Afflicted upon you
Beating and slashing and killing
Were prevalent and normalized
Thirst for violence and hunger for peace
Created new divisions and goals

Verse 3
They crossed the oceans and brought it to your land
They kneeled down and laid it at your feet
Thirst for violence and hunger for peace
Created new divisions and goals
All things which are done in the dark
Will eventually come to light
Nothing is forgotten
The natural state of balance will be restored

Lines on the ground are the scars of history
Fluids of the dead are marked
Within the ground of history
Past is present, present is future

Written by B. (Sunday, March 1, 2015)
Copyright 2015

ghaw2007 04-10-2015 09:51 AM

Call The Names

Verse 1
You're not considered to be beautiful
Even when you dress up and go to town
Men don't stare at you
They don't talk to you
On your way home, you feel like a fool
Wondering why you bother to get their attention
You're different than most
That's why you're unique
But you view yourself as being ugly
As being undesirable and pathetic
It's difficult to change your way of thinking
When the opinions of others are valued
More than your own

Verse 2
You're the most despised, you're the most feared
You still don't understand the reasons why
Everyone stares at you
Everyone talks about you
Being the centre of attention makes you feel uncomfortable
Like you're under a microscope
Being analyzed, always criticized
As a result, you view yourself as inferior
Somewhat defective, in need of reconstruction
To assemble a better version of you
It's difficult to have confidence
When the opinions of others are valued
More than your own

Verse 3
We're on opposite sides of a spectrum
Battling each other for sanity and survival
Thus destroying ourselves as bitter rivals
Seemingly incapable of changing ourselves
Through understanding and compassion
We're always losing as others are benefiting
From our disconnectedness
We're not who we were meant to be

Let's the call the names
They're always with us
In our hearts, in our minds
We're surrounded by thieves, liars and traitors
We're in between the truth and a lie
When our inventions have failed us
And we're in the remains of the darkest of times
We won't surrender, we won't waste away
We'll get together and call the names

Written by B. (Friday, April 3, 2015)
Copyright 2015

ghaw2007 07-22-2015 05:56 PM

Untitled (Out with the old)

Verse 1
Out with the old
In with the new
A different perspective
A muddier view
Smoke and mirrors
A game of chance
All the chosen ones will recreate a dance
Blending fact with fiction
A metamorphosis without restriction
Transfixed by beasts who come across
As beautiful creatures with a known status
We've been rocked to our core

Verse 2
Without a history, you're a beguiling mystery
As confounding as the pyramids of Egypt
A wonder of contemporary and daring times
Here and now is a reflection of what came before
And what is occurring
But the future was captured and transformed long before many realized
In the midst of a storm, you were sheltered
So we could be transfixed by your beastly ways
Hypnotically subtle from an unknown entity
Every beat, every whisper in secondary form
Has rocked us to our core

Verse 3
Not bound to any place or time
What I present to you is completely mine
I've developed my style, my way of life
From what has preceded me
It would blow your mind
If you knew about my dreams and my uncommon thoughts
The realm I'm in, however small, constantly changes
So I do the same, even if it's strange
I've been constructed through beastly cycles of blood and bones
With abilities to rock almost anything to its core

You cannot learn lessons in every weathered book
Throughout the ages, censorship has colonized
The collective mind of the masses
Every now and then, alternative views are formulated and dispersed
While ignorance remains at the forefront of existence
In a manner that is blissful, lithe and utterly seductive

Written by B. (Sunday, April 26, 2015)
Copyright 2015

ghaw2007 07-22-2015 05:57 PM

Ticket To Ride

Verse 1
A whole lotta nothing
Nothing turned into something
Something you could have never imagined in your wildest dreams
Across the pond and into the belly of the beast
Faceless lads waiting in the wings for a feast
The throne is mighty, the throne is bold
If what you sell flies off the shelves
You'll collect gold
With white envelopes stacked up like mountains
And audiences tuning into the spectacle
A new mandate is created and fostered through the youth

Bridge 1
With barricades planted firmly on the ground
And being met by clamorous brunettes and blondes
The TV man is intrigued
And knows it could translate into gold

Verse 2
Charming poise and hypnotic hooks are in abundance
Wild crowds on the verge of overtaking the stage
Sweating like a pig as they're dressed in black
A thousand eyes on them
Some already on the attack
"They're great", "They're fake"
"They're overrated", "They're the sound of the future"
With white envelopes stacked up like mountains
And a barrage of questions being asked
The fraternity goes beyond chords and chaos

Bridge 2
With white envelopes stacked up like mountains
And delving into deeper matters
Their legacy continues to evolve into remarkable tales
While others seek crowns and minds to mould
Their status is steeped in gold

The juggernaut is travelling at a hundred miles an hour
If you're oblivious to it, you'll get steam-rolled
With lights, cameras and acclaim
The focus is on those who cause others to act insane
Days of shock and despair gave way to the new madness
And it lingers in the senses of all
This is the ticket to ride into the hearts of a generation

Written by B. (Monday, May 18, 2015)
Copyright 2015

ghaw2007 07-22-2015 06:00 PM

Money Where Your Mouth Is

Verse 1
You say it's going to be epic
Like the biggest ship sinking in the ocean
A spectacle of awe and tragedy
Another exaggeration to keep up with technology
You know what something is
By the kind of fruit it bears
I'm waiting for you to deliver the goods

Verse 2
Love in the form of words is meaningless
It's like trying to untie a knot
When you know you should stop
But you keep going at it
Thinking you can prevail
The air becomes cooler when you're around
A by-product of the confusion
And frustration that's generated
You seem incapable of providing
The kind of warmth I'm looking for
I'm still waiting for you to deliver the goods

The only way to prove it
Is to answer all questions
Make it undeniable
Money where your mouth is
If seeing is believing
Then don't conceal what you should reveal
Money where your mouth is

Penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar
Money where your mouth is (6x)

Written by B. (Saturday, June 20, 2015)
Copyright 2015

ghaw2007 07-22-2015 06:00 PM

Savage Garden

Verse 1
Give me a seed and let me plant it
Plant it into fertile ground
And let it grow until the end of time
And while it's growing
The harvest will provide nourishment
For many in need with open mouths
And those who can barely walk on their own
Nations will be strengthened
And once the urge to fight each other deepens
We'll go to war
Leaders will be appointed
And plans will be constructed
This all started with the breath of life
And it seems there's no end in sight

Verse 2
We've been tainted and manipulated
Into being something we were never meant to be
All this time has been wasted
On trivial pursuits and ego-driven madness
We can't go back in time
For if we could, we'd sow in the same seeds
That caused the chaos we're in
Many believe that we're without redemption
A cause unworthy of attention
Rebels will take their places
Always disguise their faces
This all started with the breath of life
And it seems there's no end in sight

Verse 3
Blood and guts has a way of changing
Changing how you think of yourself
And all that surrounds you
Once you attain a semblance of peace
It could all disappear without warning
And you're left to struggle on your own
At times, it's unbearable
And you'd do just about anything
To get the relief you desire
However momentary it may be
Is there an end in sight?

A savage garden we are living in every day
As mothers are crying for children
Who have died in their arms
We continue to add fuel to the fire

Written by B. (Friday, June 26, 2015)
Copyright 2015

ghaw2007 07-22-2015 06:02 PM

Untitled (Jesus loves all the f-a-g-gots)

Verse 1
Jesus loves all the f-a-g-gots
From Cairo to San Francisco
He'll reach out and pull you through
The perversity of your mind
And wrap his arms around you
Like a father embraces his child
With strength and a deep sense of protection
He never wants to see you cry

Doubt like a bed that rocks in the night
While you're trying to sleep
Doesn't stop or reduce the intensity of the dilemma
It bites and it tugs
Leaving no clear idea of where this may lead to

Verse 2
Out of pages, out of mouths
You're the source of controversy
Like a needle weaving tales of seduction and betrayal
You're a victim and a villain all at once
Your eyes never lie
So we fixate on them
Knowing all that you are is our mandate

A wink, a stare, and a preference for all things bare
Is how your true nature will be revealed
In a climate of fear and fascination
You're in the spotlight
Whether you like it or not

Verse 3
Bold and brazen like there's no care in the world
You air your grievances in public spaces
With speeches and signs carefully crafted for maximum exposure
Days of loneliness and fear are in the rear view mirror
As you focus on victory
But not all have bitten the fruit of liberation
So they live half lives
In accordance with the social order
Forever a caterpillar and never a butterfly

There are those who tell you to practice safe religion
To protect yourself from the world
But like everything in life, nothing is guaranteed
You can chant and you can pray
Even three times a day
To cleanse your heart of indecent desire
And not become infected with shame and despair

Written by B. (Tuesday, June 30, 2015)
Copyright 2015

E5I5O 07-22-2015 06:33 PM

this is all your ****?

ghaw2007 07-25-2015 08:52 AM


Verse 1
I know you're a homo
I know you've been infected with AIDS
I know you're the slu-ttiest piece of ass from here to L.A.
I know you're a narky
I know you're addicted to that white stuff
I also know you will never be loved
Not the way that you want to be

Outrage, out rage

If you see a man in a dress
What's the first thought that enters your mind?
Do you want to laugh at him?
Or congratulate him for his confidence?
Would it bother you if his jeans were tighter
Than the one's in a female's closet?
God forbid if he wore make-up
You'd want to bash his head in with unusual force

Verse 2
If you see a bulldag-g-e-r's brea-s-t-s during a pride parade
Would you want to suck on them?
Or would you want to cut them off with a sharp knife?
If she displays a stance
Which is uncharacteristic to what's between her legs
Would you want to soften her up?
Or lay her down on your bed for corrective treatment?

Outrage, out rage

Pink is for girls and blue is for boys
If you get those colours mixed up
You should speak to a psychiatrist
Opposites attract
But if they don't, they will certainly clash
Causing a wave of dysfunction
That will drown anything in its path

Verse 3
Party until the club is closed
Then wrap a towel around your waist
Get down on your knees
And do whatever it is you like to do
Turn the lights off and position your backside
To the front of the door
All strangers are welcome
This is how you experience a bit of joy

Outrage, out rage

Campaign for the tricksters
Teach it in the classrooms while they're young
If you disagree with the plan in place
Then you know where you can go
Disapproval will not be tolerated
Discuss it among yourselves or hush your mouths
The future is what we've made it to be
We'll never return to days of invisibility

If you lack shame
Then there will be no outrage
And if you have outrage
Then there will be tremendous shame
Conflicts need both ends of a spectrum
And both ends of a spectrum need a desirable middle ground
Lack of compassion and understanding
Renders you incapable of not surrendering to outrage
Outrage, out rage

Written by B. (Wednesday, July 1, 2015)
Copyright 2015

ghaw2007 07-25-2015 09:18 AM

Waiting For Superman

Verse 1
There will be no sunshine
No warm ways to glisten on the skin
No blending of colours to see
No hand up in the air to partially conceal the view
Erosion of days and prolonged nights
Settle within this time and place
A mood of what occurred and what will soon be
Pushed forward while being pulled backwards
Today will become yesterday

Verse 2
Discussions of destiny and luck
What's meant to be and possibilities
Another method of passing the buck
Our very own way of normality
Rising tensions will not subside
When the causes are stored in skulls and lungs
If they spill out of ourselves
Open wounds will be the visible manifestation
Of injuries which could no longer be pacified
Pushed forward while being pulled backwards
Tomorrow is today

Verse 3
With the knowledge of a finish point
We can't cease to worry about what remains
It's attached to every achievement and mistake
Like spots on a leopard, it's impossible to shake
Not all broken things can be fixed
Some missing parts will always be hidden
We're not always capable of preserving what's left
A greater force must take over for us
It could be today or tomorrow
So we'll wait until that day arrives

But if there was, someone who could change this for the better
To put an end to this endless transformation
To capture precious moments lost through the passage of time
To save us from what is known
From what is predicted to be
Then a grand welcoming will certainly be greeted upon him

There's no where else to go
No running, no hiding
Wanting a space for yourself
Where nothing is dismantled and rearranged
He's the only one standing between the life we've dreamed of living
Superman is who we've been waiting for
Waiting for Superman
For us to be saved

Written by B. (Saturday, July 4, 2015)
Copyright 2015

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