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ghaw2007 10-20-2016 10:44 AM

Hello Hum

Verse 1
Hello hum
Let the rain wash away the pain
You've been working all day
You've been sweating all night
And now you're tired
Every tree has been breathing for you
The ground has remained steady
Rocks haven't been thrown
And the doctor tells you
That you must drink clean water to be well-hydrated
You should listen to him
Even though he's paid to make people sick
He's created poison, he's interfered with wellness
But don't blindly reject everything prescribed by him

Verse 2
Hello hum
You don't have to discuss feminism
It's worked against you, it's battled with you
And now you're frail
You don't need to jump on wagons constructed by others
To follow plans by masterminds
To engage with criminal minds
Get off the roller coasters and open your eyes
You're the greatest prize
Who's been taught to despise all that you are

Verse 3
Hello hum
Sometimes you just need to hush
If your mouth is always open
You'll eventually catch flies
What you say will be plastered on the web
And the web will weave tales
That are against your creed
Every syllable will be de-constructed and repackaged for judgement
They'll cover you with labels and base everything on perception
What you put out won't be well-received
It won't be encouraged

You're a big dude / Stop behaving like a puppet / It's time to cut the white strings with big black scissors / Shed what's artificial and say hello to yourself / Be the unforgettable fire that could never be put out / Hello hum

Hello hum (8x; whisper)

Written by B. (Sunday, September 25, 2016) Copyright 2016

ghaw2007 11-07-2016 01:02 PM


Verse 1
C** dripping from p******
Fat men banging on the door
Money exchanging hands and itchy backs getting scratched
Dreams are coming true for the wild and brazen
Some only enjoy the multi-coloured view
By playing it hard and safe
There's a cost to everything
Nothing's free but some things are cheap
Pay for games and everything that falls in between
Inflation is a downer
Some have low spirits and can't get up
For those with deep white pockets
The sky is the limit

Verse 2
Grab them by the bal-ls and shake them like stuffed animals
When you're bigger and badder
You navigate them through your fields
With a whip and a code word
Fantasies become reality
The appetizer should never taste better than the main course
Take a closer look if seeing is believing
Savour every touch if many things are fleeting
You're a star for a short while
Even if you shine through the night
The light will fade from bright white eyes
And re-emerge in another's face

Verse 3
If the walls and floors are decorated with brown or red
Leave immediately and hurry back to where you reside
Cleanse yourself from top to bottom
And change your clothing
A fresh appearance will erase any foul scene
Scrolling down quickly and swiping from left to right
On the hunt for anything new and exotic
If natural experiences and pill-popping are in the increase
Then embrace what surrounds you
To be accepted into the white fold

Bridge 1
You're wet and warm
And all alone with clean hard white hands
And a steady heartbeat
You're ageing gently and impatient

Bridge 2
If fingers are wagged
They'll be chopped off or sucked on like white candy
Whispers of shame will increase in volume and size

If it's beautiful, then it will become trashy / Thieves and liars will form a coalition to pathologize instincts / Heads of households will collect dues / Owed to them and their tribes / Releasing voracious passions is part of the unspoken agreement

Written by B. (Sunday, October 16, 2016) Copyright 2016

ghaw2007 03-17-2017 04:10 PM


Verse 1
What is your religion?
Is it se-x or music?
Do you worship at the altar of rhythmic beats?
Do you say a pray for electric guitars and violins?
Is your Bible full of parables or interesting lyrics?
Do you study the teachings of Jesus
Or practice soul and funk?
Do you spread the message of the gospel
Or pass out concert flyers?

Verse 2
You're always sad and tired in a vibrant city
A city full of dynamic colours and exuberant sounds
A kaleidoscope of rainbows and intoxicating grooves
The bass is, unfortunately, missing from your mind
I, however, shall not skip a beat
I'll dance within the rays of the sun
And swing along with the moonlight
I won't clop the blue drop
Withering away like a neglected plant
I'll participate in soul revivals
Learning good notes from past eras
And remixing them with current styles
Remastered and repackaged
Delivering it to the people in the streets
And in their quiet fortresses

Verse 3
You take everything
Then discard the parts that don't fit in
If it smells like trash
And gives you a rash
Eliminate it from you
If you're frightened, if you're anxious
Then it's not right for you
Burn the old garb
Put on clean attire, then begin anew
The rest if your life is yours to have
It's waiting for you
Pack your bags with lyrics, instruments and a song or two
The masses are weak and desperate
They're waiting for you

They say it's going to be epic / They say it's going to be divine / But I won't know until I sense it / In my flesh and bones / I must take a stand / I must move / I've got to be carried away with music / This is my religion / It's the reason I laugh / The reason I breathe day in and day out / As mysterious as galaxies / Full of infinite possibilities / Like a drop in the ocean / And a star in the sky / This is my religion

You walk into every room feeling lost and blue / You don't know what to do / Haven't got a clue / Your mind is stuck like glue / When you reject all the hues / You don't know what to do / Haven't got a clue / But I do / I do

Written by B. (Sunday, July 17, 2016) Copyright 2016

ghaw2007 05-18-2019 06:55 AM

Hot Fuss

Verse 1: Lights, camera, action / said it again: lights, camera, action is the name of the game / you better not choke when you're in the spotlight / numerous eyes on you as you're looking hot and tight / the new standard becomes you overnight / collect gold at the end of the rainbow / if you're fresh and fierce

Verse 2: The more things change, the more they stay the same / stop complaining if you're losing at this game / in the land of a thousand things, swallow any pill / and be transported into a realm of truth versus fiction / sanity is elusive in a winner-takes-all atmosphere

Verse 3: Sound and colour as usual distractions / doing deeper mostly involves p**** and p**** / nothing is always safe, risks have to be taken / unless you wrap yourself in a bubble / to become free of decisions and dilemmas / time is of the essence as they say / you can move like a tortoise or a cheetah / or not exist at all

Chorus: Hot fuss and sunglasses / hot fuss and good angles / hot fuss and great drama / everything you can chew on / 24/7 buffet with unlimited credit cards / feasting on saints and sinners / everyone has a different type of hunger

Written by B. (Saturday, October 27, 2018) Copyright 2018

ghaw2007 05-18-2019 07:16 AM


Verse 1: You're as unsavoury as caviar and relish / a taste some acquire with glee / while others remain repulsed / I've known you long enough / to see your operatic moods / with jealousy towards colours / you often mimic their appeal / without realizing your own limitations / you assemble traumatic events for entertainment purposes / blocking joy from breaking through the shields of misery / when despair functions as a common virus / it infects everything to the core, slowly and painfully / these are all your heavens / while many are trapped in their hells

Verse 2: Dogs are treated like royalty / placed on pedestals and worshiped / I'm viewed as trash or invisible / with no rights and dreams / hope is just another word / when nothing changes for the better / a pie in the sky with whipped cream / and a double cherry sundae / these are all your heavens / while I'm trapped in my hells

Verse 3: This maze of yours is carefully built / and that is not a compliment / although you will take it as such / with the biggest of smiles / escaping is daring and difficult / staying put is worse on a grander scale / many abhor all your heavens / while being trapped inside your hells

Bridge: You force feed me watermelon / you force feed me fried chicken / you're throwing everything to the wall / to see if it sticks / you're as persistent as a gnat, you never quit / you're always watching, you're always listening, you're always thinking / you are the father of all

Chorus 1: The songs and films are continuous / even during deep, peaceful sleep / we become lesser and robotic / in worlds we're forced to navigate

Chorus 2: The blame and shame are continuous / even during deep, peaceful sleep / we become lesser and robotic / in worlds we're forced to navigate

Chorus 3: The fear and hunger are continuous / even during deep, peaceful sleep / we become lesser and robotic / in worlds we're forced to navigate

Written by B. (Saturday, July 21, 2018) Copyright 2018

ghaw2007 05-18-2019 11:05 AM


Verse 1: If you want to focus on taxes and p**** / then by all means, go right ahead / I dream about replicating stars / and moving faster than light and sound / the only way to get out of myself / is to separate from everything I know / if I am built to build / then all things from the ground will be changed / my essence will be released and planted / into the hearts and minds of future generations

Verse 2: If something is wrong, then I'll try to correct it / when I own myself / fear can't be used against me / its shadows are inferior to the dominant light within me / to know and trust my capabilities / is to immerse in wonder and truth / when destinies are viewed as being fables / then the only thing left to believe in is yourself

Verse 3: There's a constant stream of numbers and symbols / floating in the air and covering the ground / if I'm wise enough to understand their patterns / I won't be confused by trends, rhetoric, and all the goddamn lies / there is sanity when things are in order / there is peace of mind when justice is achieved / rejecting apathy is never difficult / I appreciate the sacrifices made for me

Chorus: Not dumb, not lazy, not indifferent / patterns are waiting to be copied / many plans and adventures to come into existence / infinite possibilities surround us

Written by B. (Wednesday, November 21, 2018) Copyright 2018

ghaw2007 05-18-2019 12:15 PM

Moving Up

Verse 1: Close the curtains, lock the door / get naked, be comfortable / everything that is outside will not seep into your core / strength and confidence maintain your foundation of sanity

Verse 2: Cool for stable blood pressure, hot for competition / a sum of past and present attached to flesh and bones / soap and water in abundance / to get rid of some of the damage

Verse 3: The wild and stale will circulate their beliefs and identities / acceptance and peace are not as elusive / as they were thought to be / with more involvement with the sun / you'll discover new and good treasures

Bridge: Mysteries and secrets tangled up, but most don't see / drama and dirt blowing throughout earth / dreams clashing with realities / reconstruction of plans and destinies / weeping and celebrating for the lost and found

Chorus 1: You are moving up and wide / moving away from the ground / moving from lies and tension / you are moving up

Chorus 2: You are moving up and wide / moving away from the ground / moving from lies and tension / you are moving up / moving up and wide / from the ground, from lies and tension / moving up, moving up

Written by B. (Friday, July 20, 2018) Copyright 2018

ghaw2007 05-18-2019 01:00 PM

Looking For Something More

Verse 1: Looking for classy and confidence / to light up the dark of night / waves of drama causing trauma / slowly drowning in the day / escaping circles is complicated / history can be insidious / dormant as the seconds pass by / then disrupting the balance of normalcy / cheap, common are quick fixes / the height of mundanity / mainstream yearns to be rendered blissfully motionless / travel from top of heads to bottom of feet

Verse 2: Danger and disease linger beneath surfaces of pleasure and openness / caution leads to inhibitions / excitement slowly diminishes / removing boxes is complicated / taking risks can be frightening / unknown places conceal faces of the strong-willed and bold / generations multiply as past becomes nullified / mainstream yearns to be rendered constantly secure / protection is at the core of relations

Verse 3: Sound and colour, demanding and dominant / competition is everywhere / winning all that is great is the goal / having nothing is depressing / being appealing is complicated / a struggle between self and others / reclusiveness becomes more of a decent option / mainstream yearns to be exclusively attached

Chorus: We're always looking for something more / more to be fulfilled / it takes on a life of its own / passion is that elusive link to living a great life / once experienced, you'll always want to have it / important in profound ways / emptiness and boredom take hold as soon as it's gone

Written by B. (Saturday, June 30, 2018) Copyright 2018

ghaw2007 05-18-2019 01:29 PM

Living Colour

Verse 1: I just could not stay away / compelled to return / fully, completely colourful / suppression was toxic and foolish / bad ideas have been washed away from brain and body / yesterday will not repeat itself / as I cling to the bright promise of tomorrow

Verse 2: I was anger's prey for a long time / devoured from its force and destructive influence / so innocent and pure from the start / blame and shame now belong to the ones who transgressed / sorrow and pain were stuck between the ears / a virulent mix of many shades of loathing

Verse 3: Heal to teach, teach to be healed / some moments exist for reasons unknown to us / like a puzzle waiting to be completed / patience and a plan are very much required / some pieces are bruised or broken / some remain lost and can never be found / I can only decide for myself / with one life to live, I'm determined to be living colour

Chorus: A life wave has come over me / bringing me to a better side / it's here to save me from the noise of hatred and jealousy / peace, once elusive, is realized / blood pressure is stabilized / discovering the gifts I've reached have all been worthwhile / I'm finally living colour

Written by B. (Friday, June 22, 2018) Copyright 2018

ghaw2007 05-25-2019 09:42 PM

Cake And Pie

Verse 1: Everyone is equal, no one is superior / we all have the same rights / pull yourself up through education and hard work / honest living is good / take advantage of opportunities by turning strife into success / discipline and perseverance are essential to creating a legacy

Verse 2: Equality is an intoxicating fallacy / we were made inferior / in last place, at the bottom / always struggling for limited tokens / some play dumb, some ignore the situation / more damage is occurring / shame and fear are easier to digest / if you believe to be inherently unworthy

Chorus 1: This is not fantasy, this is not a dream / the best of everything you want and need / is in having cake and pie / a daily supply of cake and pie

Chorus 2: This is a living hell, horrifically real / the worst of everything you dread and despise / is in having cake and pie / a daily supply of cake and pie

Chorus 3: Be strong and independent / when magic is always in your possession / you'll be having cake and pie / a daily supply of cake and pie / be wise and vigilant / bodies and traditions are carried away / when you're having cake and pie / a daily supply of cake and pie

Written by B. (Tuesday, January 22, 2019) Copyright 2019

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