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Blarobbarg 03-22-2015 12:13 AM

My ****ty Ramblings (Poetry, Free Writing Exercises, and More)
I fairly regularly. Because I have a hard time thinking about concrete reality and much more regularly just babble about philosophy and life and the universe, and I have a bent to the artistic, I often veer into poetry. I thought maybe you lovely people would like to criticize me heavily on my bull****. Give me your thoughts.

Mind you, much of this stuff is just me expelling built up emotions into a page, so some of it really doesn't make any sense (not even to myself, really), but I like free jazz and Jack Kerouac and long winded pointless spontaneity of all sorts, so it fits my sensibility quite well.

So here we go.

Blarobbarg 03-22-2015 12:15 AM


I will not be encaged behind a white picket fence
I will tear at it with a frothing blithering madness
Ripping, charging, moaning, shrieking
Pedestrians stop and stare
Children gawk
Elders tut
Wriggling fingers
Writing limbs
Splintered flesh
Grind me down
Melt into me
Revel in my cage
Splash in my puddles
Walk out on this water
Calm these raging seas
Make a mantra of my rage
Beat a tattoo from my clenched fists
Make love in my shade
Shoot a picture
Make it pretty
Violence erotic
Agony hilarious
Pain empowered
Shout prayers to the sky
Wail in the roads
Ashen hair
Torn garments
Shaken form
Bury me deep
And deeper still
And deeper still
Be still.

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