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Josephine 07-30-2005 03:25 PM

Just some thoughts...
Black Black Shore

I know
You want me to kill myself
But can’t you see
I’m already fading
I’m dying away slightly
For your sake and for your glory
For all that burn you caused
Soon you’ll realize
I’m too much infected
To linger on now

And even if you try to blame it
Horizon won’t be found at all
Bright light is gone too far
And I will be disappeared soon

Come over, on by now
See the black, black shore
Where the wind blows all away
Memory, years and yesterday

Let me show you
How it flies
Passed the gate of
River’s veins
Hardly waiting to be free
Kissed goodbye
And drifts away

It's not a song at all, don't get tangled by the fact that it has a title.
I just would like to know how you like it...

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