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Revelation 72 05-23-2021 02:14 PM

Hi I wrote a song please send me feed back

She told me she would leave me
she said I would be sorry

Don't get me wrong, I wanted her gone
she stole my happiness, just stress

Time heals, but time is to slow
I am feeling, like I want to jump Into tomorrow.

She was a piece of a puzzle
her time with me Is complete
time now for another
maybe another A.I I can delete.

Seriously have you heard yourself
You make me want to be deaf

Sometimes I feel that I would be better off single
It's all In the chase, so I mingle

No regrets.

Marie Monday 05-23-2021 02:37 PM

well sounds like she dodged a bullet

Revelation 72 05-23-2021 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by Marie Monday (Post 2174068)
well sounds like she dodged a bullet

A missile you mean

Revelation 72 05-23-2021 02:57 PM

A.I It's a make over
A.I It's a take over
It's a human curiosity
suicide, Is It for me
A.I I'm a ridge rider
always on the edge
racing at the limit
the essence of time.

A.I In the sky
A.I In control
A.I cannot die
A.I ready to blow

Part of me Is ready to be A.I

Changes to my DNA
this could happen someday
place In me A.I
so one day I will fly

A.I technology
surf the net, In harmony
I for one have both feet In
A.I It's a win win win.

Marie Monday 05-23-2021 03:08 PM


Originally Posted by Revelation 72 (Post 2174069)
A missile you mean

that comparison is an injustice to the poetry of missile AI

Revelation 72 05-24-2021 12:41 AM


Originally Posted by Marie Monday (Post 2174082)
that comparison is an injustice to the poetry of missile AI

Now honestly

Revelation 72 05-24-2021 01:06 AM

Sweet Leaf
I was a punk, but now I am a hippy
the world around me has turned dippy
so my chains that bound me
when I was all of a rage
when I was out spoken
about living In a cage

I was all for rebelling
but there was truth In my words
but now everyone has become softly softly
I will never again be heard.

Delete me off the face of the earth
for sharing my concerns
equality and diversity
these were my terms

Man was Man rulers of the earth
now man Is woman we are all In child birth.

Hippy Dippy laying on my back
looking on at the human race, being attacked
from all sides and within
to many men were brought up by women

They never had a chance
to see both sides
they are all sheep destined to die
they all say we will all die sometime
It's how you die, that's your crime.

Now I am a hippy, picking flowers
under a cloud, acid showers
no concerns no belief's
rolling up a sweet leaf.

Revelation 72 12-18-2021 05:49 AM

black on black
Now the clouds are forming
over every town and city
nothing Is what It seems
It's a down right mystery

Still going down the diplomatic view
watching the pages unfold
everyone talking, as everyone's involved.

How to build a mirage
and tell everyone It's real
pump It up It's a hot air balloon
becoming an endless money making wheel.

I salute you, kings of this earth
for showing me humanity has no worth
I always thought there would be a silver lining
over my head the sun would be shining

But now I know who I am
I am your creation
I have been taught, what you wanted me to know
everything Is a lie, so shallow
So what can this man do
well that's easy, God I will follow you.

Revelation 72 12-18-2021 06:27 AM

1000 strikes
Who says the world cannot be conquered
who says the world cannot be split into
who says anymore that peace will prevail
who says there are a chosen few
people are heading nowhere
they will not leave the nest
life Is still busy, but heavy on the chest.

Everyday I awake, I say God bless
but On my return home, really there Is no rest
If they plan to deceive the world
then please hurry up
we have no patience, enough Is enough
They have us doing there will
what more do they want
time Isn't standing still
lifeless and zombified 1000 strikes to nil.

rostasi 12-18-2021 07:13 AM


Originally Posted by Revelation 72 (Post 2174064)
Hi I wrote a song please send me feed back

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