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almauro 11-26-2011 05:58 PM


Originally Posted by Necromancer (Post 1124175)
I agree almauro, Go For Your Guns is defiantly one of their best albums. I also always liked their single Climbing Up The Ladder.;)

I love that hard funk! As much as I love the Isleys, I think Ernie was under utilized. When he was let loose, he was Eddie Hazel good...

Jmeezy 11-07-2012 07:41 PM

That is cool info and sum thin I didn't know

Jmeezy 11-07-2012 07:45 PM

Did he teach earnie or was it other way around

JustJunMC 11-08-2012 02:55 AM

The Isley Brothers - For The Love Of You - YouTube

And this song is sampled for Masta Ace - INC Ride & 2pac - Bury Me A G

Necromancer 07-06-2013 03:30 PM

'Testify', showcased their young lead guitarist, Jimi Hendrix in 1964. Testify is often credited as being one of the first funk songs. (Recorded the same year, James Brown released "Outta Sight", which is often referred to as one of the first funk records also).
Testify is one of two singles to feature Jimi Hendrix on guitar, the other being "Move Over and Let Me Dance".

ijimzard 07-16-2013 03:31 AM

My favorite was Twist & Shout

Lord Larehip 07-16-2013 04:27 PM

Isley Brothers: Hope you feel better love pts 1&2 - YouTube

Soulflower 08-05-2013 08:58 AM

I feel like I am in heaven everytime Ron Isley sings. Summer Breeze, Whose That Lady, and For The Love Of You are great songs to cruise to in your car on a hot summer day.

Big Ears 09-28-2014 04:31 PM

As a Jimi Hendrix fan, Go For Your Guns including Climbing Up the Ladder (Part 1 and 2) got me into the Isley Brothers. Ernie Isley is a multi-instrumentalist, but started on the drums. Apparently Jimi Hendrix lived in the Isley home for two years, when Ernie was about 11 or 12-years-old.

Gemray 10-01-2014 06:40 PM

Are the Isley Brothers still together does anyone know?

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