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Tommygonn 05-15-2021 06:30 PM

Recitation by Hank Ballard origin?
Hi everybody. On James Brown’s ‘Get on the good foot’ record there is a cut on which Hank Ballard does a promo pitch for the record, over an instrumental orchestral soul song in the background. For some reason ever since I heard it, I have loved this arrangement.. I have listened to it many times, trying my best to ignore Hank, and immerse myself in the instrumentation. The song has a sax player showcased for the whole piece, and backup singers singing some line that I can’t make out. Does anyone know if this background song was ever released as a b side, box set filler, or solo effort from one of the JBs? I would love to give this a listen without Hank talking over it. Thanks! -TGO

rostasi 05-15-2021 07:26 PM

"Rumor" has it that JB forced that recitation on Ballard as an ego trip payback
after Ballard more or less "begged" himself into a production deal with JB.

rostasi 05-15-2021 08:34 PM

Tommygonn 05-16-2021 07:31 PM

Rostasi- thanks brother, this one has been bothering me for many just made my week! I always thought this had to be more than just a throwaway arrangement.. a lot of power here in the building and then release into part 2! Great performance from Godfather on this one. I’d never heard ‘world’ (obviously) and wonder what other gems I have missed in JBs vast catalogue.

I’m not surprised by the story of James flexing on Ballard like that- I know he was a notoriously hard man to work for who kept his employees in line through merciless practice sessions and punitive measures. But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding.. not many artists have made a bigger impact culturally than James Brown, and it was his name on the marquee after all!

Thanks again for posting this one up- great stuff.


rostasi 05-16-2021 09:03 PM

There was a lot of back-and-forth.
While The Midnighters were an influence
on JB during his early years, there was
also a kind of dependency from Ballard
on Brown because of the hard times he
was having at that time. ...and jukeboxes
were playing a lot more Ballard for a few years,
so that created some tension as well. cRaZy business!

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