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ando here 02-25-2021 06:31 AM

Yeah, an ad blocker is a must in any iteration these days. The strikeout site does have malware that identifies your device and sends pop-ups to scare you. But If your system is sufficiently protected and you eliminate the windows you should be alright.

I wouldn’t bother if strikeout didn’t have practically every live sporting event available to stream making it fairly irresistible. But the insidiousness of the malware can make it prohibitive. May not be worth it for fragile/unprotected devices.

Mindfulness 02-25-2021 11:17 AM

Go Nets!

They have 3 major great players, they should get to the playoffs at least

debaserr 02-25-2021 11:52 AM

Anything less than a conference finals appearance would be a big disappointment I think.

ando here 02-25-2021 04:28 PM

Harden yesterday

ando here 03-07-2021 05:00 PM

Starts in an hour.

Paul Smeenus 03-07-2021 05:06 PM

Damian Lillard or GTFO

debaserr 04-12-2021 09:50 AM

Mindfulness 04-12-2021 01:20 PM

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