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D_Pimpact 10-29-2020 03:13 PM

Live looping guitar and AKAI mini MPK
Hey everybody!
I'm pretty new at this so I would love to get some help!
I've always enjoyed looping my guitar, I've always done it with the RC-30 loop pedal. I have recently acquired a AKAI MINI MPK in order to add some drums, and piano chords to my guitar loops. Do you know how to accomplish that? I was wondering if this can be entirely done through my looper pedal or if I would have to go through a DAW (I have used none of them before) and buy a footswitch?
my rig is the following:
- Electric guitar
- Boss RC-30 looper pedal
- Kemper profiler
- AKAI mini MPK midi controller
- Scarlett 2i2 sound interface

Thanks a lot in advance!

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