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Smn123 06-22-2022 01:17 PM

Edifier S1000MKII
Hi everyone, I'm a casual music listener. I'm currently considering investing some of my hard earned money into a set of speakers. I own a pc with an intel Z390 A-pro on board sound card and I don't plan on buying an external sound card or anything other than the speakers. I plan on putting them in a small square (about 12m^2) room.I'm currently considering the Edifier S1000MKII at 340euros where I live. What are your thoughts?
Thanks in advance.

Ayn Marx 06-22-2022 11:55 PM

I’d be thinking along the lines of a self powered speaker such as the

If you’re running a laptop take it with you to the audio/computer shop and ask to hear it driving whatever you’re interested in. Keep in mind though there’s nothing much you can do if your computer’s sound card has mangled the audio already. Just re-read your post and noticed you mentioned PC. Not so easy dragging one of those along to a shop for an audition.

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