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SmokeAndMirrors 02-13-2018 12:18 AM

If you're just starting, models don't matter much. Someone recommended the Ibanez Soundgear line, and honestly I'd second it. Those feel the most comfortable. My second bass was an Ibanez Soundgear, and I held onto that thing for like eight years. It could be argued that outside of tone, weight, and cut design, that the models themselves don't really matter much, but rather the time spent with practicing and developing techniques and getting comfortable with the instrument and playing it is the thing with it.

Necromancer 02-17-2021 02:25 AM

Fender has it's own unique vintage tone. But for hard rock and metal, I personally prefer Spector.

Mucha na Dziko 06-08-2021 03:05 AM

I wanted to give my advice on the kind of bass to buy, but then I realised this thread is like 14 years old, which is longer than I’ve even been interested in music.

I wonder what did he buy, and does he still slap that bass

(Anyway, anytime and everywhere I’d go with a Fender Jazz Bass, it just feels the most versatile out of all the basses I’ve ever held in my hands. But then again I might be biased, as a 1997 japanese JB was my first ever bass, and I’ve played it now for 6 years)

ChukuRT 07-31-2021 05:24 PM

The best bass is the one that works for you. You like it's tone, how it plays and the way it feels.

Mucha na Dziko 08-08-2021 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by ChukuRT (Post 2180257)
The best bass is the one that works for you. You like it's tone, how it plays and the way it feels.

yeah, but nevertheless there might be guidelines on what to pick when you're just starting out.

Like even the simplest ones:

when I was buying my bass I didn't know anything about anything equipment wise, I didn't know how to play at all, and the two things I could choose were a P-bass and a jazz bass, and the guy who owned the place just asked "You want to be more like Sid Vicious or Bootsy Collins?"

And so began my love affair with my sweet Baśka

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