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IAmAndyGoddard 04-26-2013 11:37 AM

Guitarist tips?
Does anyone have any good tips, routines, rudiments, etc. (or links to useful websites) for upping my game, guitar-ability-wise? Predominantly, I'm a vocalist, and secondly I like to think of myself as a pretty decent songwriter however I use acoustic guitar for that, so I'd like to develop to a standard where people "WOW" at me more than just "That's a great song"...

I first picked up a guitar aged 15, and other than being shown "e" "a" and "d", I'm self-taught since then - 8 years. I'm constantly developing my own style, and improving, especially over recent months since I accidentally landed a job working as a guitarist in a showteam on a cruiseship. In terms of absolute zero to mindblowing ten, I'd perhaps rate myself as a 6 or 7... A little above average, but still with plenty of room to improve.

I guess I've kind of been a bit stubborn in the past, in thinking and professing that self-taught is the best way to improve at a self-appropriate speed, and mostly taking satisfaction that I've never learnt in a "THIS IS THE RIGHT TECHNIQUE" kind of way... I feel less restricted than some of my peers who have even played longer than myself. Stylistically, I'm thinking your general Newton Faulkner's, Ben Howard's, Jack Johnson's...

I feel that I still need to develop further in order to enhance my talent, to become a more versatile & "better" songwriter, and perhaps most importantly increase my chances of future employability - able to demand more money from professional work & build a viable career with my talent.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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