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krd 07-23-2016 09:30 PM

i can only play like, a string on a guitar xd

Pencil 07-24-2016 05:55 PM

Most recent song is, "Road Warriors" from The Rippingtons Live, featuring Russ Freeman. As a jazz/funk drummer, this is a fun play. And being captured live with audience response makes it just that much more fun when playing to it.

crimsonite 09-01-2016 03:45 AM

Abba - Voulez Vouz on the guitar

Nickfar 09-03-2016 07:23 AM

Last song i learned is pink floyd 's learning to fly

Black Francis 09-03-2016 08:17 AM

A couple of days ago I learned 'Run around' by Blues traveler. I only learned it cause the chorus is fun to sing.

Mister Mushroom 09-09-2016 10:55 PM

About 10-15 minutes ago I learned the intro to Silver Rocket by Sonic Youth.

Didn't get the entire song yet, but I'll get there.

ribbons 09-24-2016 03:22 PM

Neil Young's "Here We Are In The Years". Going on vacation this week, staying in a farmhouse and taking along the mahogany parlor guitar - which really has the right sound for this.

Lysman 12-17-2016 06:08 AM

The Rains of Castamere in Game of thrones. What a tune

Lorenzo L. 12-31-2016 06:04 PM

Airmail Special! Charlie Christian's nice jazz tune :)

_Regatta 03-02-2017 02:03 PM

Under The Bridge - RCHP

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