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Originally Posted by Neapolitan View Post
I wasn't saying "The Stones weren't influenced by The Beatles," if you're trying to make out that was what I was saying then that would be an Aunt Sally. I was trying to say was that The Beatles were also influenced by The Rolling Stones. What I should had said was 'And it's the other way around [too] where The Beatels were influence by The Rolling Stones especially the album 12X5.'

You right their debut album was a little more than just Blues album, but I wasn't only going by what songs they put on their first album but what they were interested in then and what brought them together and what they played in clubs, which was R&B and Blues. R&B has a slightly different meaning in the UK. I am more use to refering to artist who are African-American artist as R&B. So I called the Stones a Blues band. The early Rolling Stones even the band Blues Incorperated where some of the member come from were considered a R&B band in the UK. The reason for saying The Rolling Stones started off as Blues (and R&B) outfit was basically point that the band sole existence wasn't due to The Beatles. The had their own reasons (seperate from The Beatles) for starting up a band. You can mentioned they were discovered because after The Beatles were signed they were looking for the next big thing. It might be true for other bands younger than The Beatles, but the Stones and The Beatles were contemparies - imo pretty much equal all things considered.

Besides all of that, is it so hard to fathom that The Beatles are not as all powerful as they are made out to be, that they weren't the impetus for every single band forming in the 60s and then-after?

I don't buy that. I mean both The Bealtles and the Stones then were new bands (then) doing covers song, and I know by today standard bands that only do their own material are a dime a dozen, but back then it was exceptable to do cover songs. It was a way for them to earn thier flight wings, until they could write their own material. So just because The Beatles came first and then helped them out I wouldn't spin it that it was the main reason the Stones would go on to write their own songs. The whole point to Rock and Roll was to write your own songs, right? I mean yeah The Beatles helped them but they were eventual go own to right their own material, because that was the reason for Rock n Roll.

In a way that shows you how The Beatles and The Stones comes from two different worlds. Mick Jagger (and even Elvis) took thier cue from R&B performers. I don't know how fimiliar you are with them but as the years went by Mick's dancing progressed and he did more and more. I don't know when the interveiw took place so I don't know what kind of thing Mick was doing. But it was always about showmanship, Mick the frontman and their are times he's not singing, so he was only “mach schau” so John understand that.

I laughed all through that part, it was if The Rolling Stones were "trolling" John Lennon and The Beatles.

To me it's more than opinions, I feel what I was trying to do is to show more respect and admiration for other artist other than The Beatles - I think that should be noted. Our understanding of the history of Rock n Roll is just different, that's all.
I don't think talking about the Beatles in what they did is no way disrespecting what other people did.

While it's hard to find direct descendants of blues songs in the Beatles music one example would be "Yer Blues" you can detect blues influences in the Beatles music for example "Don’t Let Me Down, Can’t Buy Me Love, I’m Down, "She’s a Woman" and "I Feel Fine". It's kind of morphed blues pop rock, a hybrid of blues with a heavier melody than improvisation. "I Feel Fine" and "Day Tripper" are not really that different musically than "The Last Time" and "Satisfaction".

Pete Townshend has stated the Beatles were the key British group in influencing even him to write his own songs and many British rock acts. There is a you tube video of him stating that.

On "I Wanna Be Your Man" Keith Richards and Mick Jagger who were really amazed and impressed that they could just come up with a good song like this just like that! Keith Richards said something to them about this like how do you do it? And this inspired Keith Richards and Mick Jagger to start writing their own songs.

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Beatles debates are like debating religion. Round and round it goes.
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I haven't read all the posts, because they are toooo long, but it is very simple:
Beatles > Stones > Beach Boys. I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of all of them. I've listened to their whole discographies several times, I've read and watched many things about them and I'd surely put the three of them in Top 10 Greatest Artists Ever, but it just can't be otherwise than "Beatles>Stones>BB" when we are talking for the whole musical package (influence, innovation and musical talent). The Stones are my favorite though.

Originally Posted by Rjinnx View Post
Beatles debates are like debating religion. Round and round it goes.
It is in human nature never to quit debating or arguing. Even if a person realises that he's wrong (which is very difficult) he continues argue to defend his pride. So, I'm not trying to involve in this debate, neither to stop or conclude it.
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Smile I say the Beatles

The Beatles developed over the years . The music they produces went in many directions some completely novel and inventive.
The Beach Boys had a great sound but it remained that a great sound.
Very little variation in the general sound.
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I like the beach boys
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Beatles is religion...
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I like both, but I prefer Beatles. Beach Boys has some good songs too, but I haven't been able to get into them completely.
Originally Posted by John Wilkes Booth View Post
itt white people stealing black slang and making it so corny that black people no longer feel comfortable using it
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*sees ancient thread bumped again.*

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Beatles have more classic albums imo
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Originally Posted by Conan View Post
*sees ancient thread bumped again.*

This thread will never die and you know it!
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