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Originally Posted by Burning Down View Post
I think the chorus flows better in German than in English. I don't know why, it just seems that way to me.


Völlig losgelöst
von der Erde
Schwebt das Raumschiff
Völlig schwerelos


Earth below us
Drifting, falling
Floating weightless
Calling, calling home

[FONT=Verdana]I know some German because I took it in high school. If I made the effort to become fluent in it, I could probably pick it up quickly.
I usually feel German just *sounds* better than English, so the German chorus has that going for it. I prefer the sound of the German chorus also, Burning Down.

However, the meanings are somewhat different and I prefer the English because it includes more sensory and emotional references: "Earth below us" makes me imagine those blue orb pictures of Earth, and "calling, calling home" implies sadness at the distance and a yearning to return.

The German just says: "The space ship, fully weightless, floats completely detached from the earth," which seems rather dry.
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