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Originally Posted by Mykonos View Post
[B]I get the feeling we're both agreeing on this anyway, but I don't think less risk of HIV (which can easily be controlled by sensible people anyway) is enough to justify mutilating a woman's vagina. Sometimes words can be misleading, but I think that the word mutilation perfectly sums up what these people are doing to baby girls.
Yes, we're in agreement that cutting girls' healthy genitalia in any way is mutilation. I feel the same about people cutting boys' genitalia. If adults want to undergo genital cutting, then that's fine, but people shouldn't be doing this to children.

You might be interested to hear that in 2010 the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended that U.S. doctors be allowed to perform a ceremonial pin prick of the clitoris of baby girls: Group Backs Ritual

The reason for the proposal: the AAP hoped that allowing doctors to prick the clitoris of baby girls, leading to bleeding, would pacify and prevent parents from sending the girls overseas where they'd be subjected to far worse.

The resulting outcry forced the AAP to rescind their recommendation. Any type of female genital mutilation has been illegal in the U.S. since 1996.

Unfortunately, not so many voices are raised to protect little boys from genital cutting. I am amazed how many medical professionals are willing to violate the "Do No Harm" dictum.
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