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Originally Posted by mr dave View Post
That's cool. It's not exactly standard, especially with the duplications. The main thing that isn't listed in my setup are the amps. LineA normally goes into a bright sounding Marshall combo and LineB goes into more of a low end (tone wise) bass amp.

Ultimately that setup is all about being able to create the thickest / lushest wall of sound I can make through my guitar. So on top of having left / right dynamics I also get bass / treble dynamics from either side of the sonic spectrum. The volume pedals are integral for 2 reasons, the standard balancing levels, but then you can also use it as an effect. There are two main effects that you can pull with a volume pedal, the first is tremolo (just rock it really fast), the other is more subtle, like a phaser. So I can have what sounds like a typical fuzzy guitar wall only to sweep in another level to the mix.

Think of it like an ocean with the tide coming in - you get one wave crashing and before it can completely fade away there's another one rolling in on top of it.

I used to be like you when I started out as well, super simple setup. One amp, one wah, one distortion. Then the GAS set in and I started collecting pedals and one fine day someone said "I wonder what would happen if you plugged in EVERYTHING". Haven't looked back since hahaha
Ahh i didnt realize you had 2 amps. That makes much more sense. Personally I have always wanted a el84/34 combo on one side and a Fender Twin on the other for the ultimate range of sounds.

Originally Posted by GuitarBizarre View Post
Guitar Rig 5 on PC is awesome, Boss GT-10 is good, GT-Pro, Pod HD 500...they're all pretty good. There are even plenty of free VST amp modellers. SHRED 1.06 is one, Freeamp, a few others.

At the end of the day, the PC solution is going to sound the best every time. You could just buy a normal, cheapy audio interface, and use PC software only.
Yes but the one thing I dont see them coming close to perfecting is true power tube distortion. While Hi Gain and Clean sound great with a nice Solid State/Modeling/etc they still dont have the power tube overdrive sound.

I have never heard a pedal/patch/preamp that has ever sounded as good as the sound of a power tube being pushed when playing with some overdrive/low gain. And because of this its the reason nearly every guitarist playing music that requires that sound plays on cranked tube amps when possible.

Sure you can make the argument "but people just think they are better, and get them because they cant tweak settings on a digital amp and are just following the trend of tube amps". I agree, lots of people are. But every big artist that has been around for years like Lifeson/Young/Trower/Satch/Vai and a list that goes on forever are all playing cranked tube amps at nearly every show. You think they havnt tried every new possible gizmo and gadget thats come out to see if it will sound better? They are concerned with one thing, the best possible sound on stage. and in the studio.

Ultimately you are right, modeling/ss amps and technology have come very far and often rival their tube counterparts. But a tube amp does one thing amazing well, as I have mentioned multiple times is the clipping of the signal inside the power tubes. At the end of the day a modelling amp is still just emulating this effect.
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