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Originally Posted by GuitarBizarre View Post
Actually Vai is currently using an AxeFX system in the studio.

Allow me to provide you some tone clips of modelling btw.

All this is is the same riff played through the DEFAULT SETTINGS of each seperate amplifier in guitar rig 5. The only things I changed for each track were I whacked the master volumes all the way up to get power tube distortion, and I set the cabinet level. I changed nothing else.

Tone comparisons.flac

Edit: Also, all of those players were major players in the days when there was no modelling AT ALL. If it weren't for the fact that modern "shredders" are all ****, I'd be interested to see how many of them are going to be as big as vai in 10 years and will have gotten there through modelling rather than tube amps.
I really liked this one at 1 minute. What is that modeled after? Also does the clean it up with guitar volume trick work, or is it like the old SS amps where you volume goes down but keeps the same level of distortion?

I have guitar rig 3 think im gona give it a try today. I am afraid outputing to my stereo speakers wont sound as good as through my amp however.
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