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Originally Posted by downwardspiral View Post
Go to Barcelona if you're wanting a nice summery holiday. Beautiful place.
I'm 19, tourism hotspots weren't what I was looking for. Think Jay from the Inbetweeners guide to holidays;

Originally Posted by Rock N' Roll Clown View Post
Are you determined to come to Bulgaria? If so, there's no difference if you will come this summer or in a few years. I don't think there has been that much development in the last 4-5 years. Which doesn't mean that it is bad. The sea-resorts are good, the hotels and the weather are great, and it is very cheap, indeed (for us Bulgarians it seems very expensive, because our salaries are very low and not many people can afford that). In the good resorts about 80% of the people are tourists from other countries (there are many Russian and Ukrainian girls that are so easy if you are interested ). The nightlife isn't bad, too, I mean there are full discos and bars everywhere, but I don't think that it is better than other countries' nightlife. The small resorts, on the other hand, aren't good at all and I don't recommend any of them, because there aren't much people and it is boring.
Not in particular, it's one of a few locations I have in mind. I mean as you say, most locations are pretty similar in what they offer.
I went to Kos this past year and although it's in a different country, I imagine it isn't very different from your hotspots.
Never been with a Russian or Ukrainan girl so that's definitely tempting

Originally Posted by Engine View Post
You guys look like you're having an awesome time there at Sunny Beach
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