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Originally Posted by Janszoon View Post
This is where we disagree. I live in a semi-sketchy area, just a few blocks from a very bad area, in a city with a lot of crime. I'm a social, outgoing person and know a lot of people in my neighborhood and I still have no clue where I'd buy an illegal gun. If I were autistic and introverted and lived in a small town in Connecticut there's no way I'd be able to get my hands on one.

I'm glad to hear that. There seem to be a lot of pro-gun people who'd be opposed to something like that whether it worked or not.
I lived outside the the city, not quite in the country and not really close to anything either. When I was in school I was friends with everyone of many different diverse ethnicities. I can remember people bringing guns to school as early as 6th grade and the school I attended was not located in a bad area. I remember this kid showing this gun to everyone in the breezeway and then putting it back into his backpack. He got caught with it in 7th period art class after he got busted throwing map colors at the teacher. Upon denying he even had map colors she searched his bag, and found his gun. I wasn't in the class, but this is what others explained happened. Though he wasn't involved, his older brother was gang affiliated, and thats where he had gotten the gun come to find out. Though later he ended up following in his footsteps, but you would never know it by talking to him. The guy was a people person and very funny actually, and one heck of an athlete on into high school. Once I was in highschool it was growing abundantly clear that almost anything you wanted on the illegal market was readily availible. Even the preppiest of kids would suprise you at the activities they were into or getting in trouble for. Point is the older you get I think the more things like this present themselves if you have a grasp on what your looking for, and even if your not looking for it, and if you actually did ask the question, well you catch my drift.

If the guy in CT was looking for a place to belong I think he could find it no matter how awkward. Criminals don't care about his mental stability or social awkwardness, all they would see is dollar signs. I think the movie Higher Learning depicts how a socially awkward person can team up with the most umlikliest of people. "Remmy" the charactor in the movie who is portrayed to be a social misfit from an middle class suburbia family finds his sense of belonging in a racist cult. The chances aren't that great for these type of things, but not out of the realm of possibility.
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Fuck you, bloozin! Your stupid thread too!
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