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Originally Posted by Necromancer View Post
Anybody familiar or remember this band?

Yeah, isn't that Ted Nugent's first band?

Originally Posted by BastardofYoung View Post
I love these threads.

If I like a band, I know them... therefore they can not be unknown.

This will be the next evolution of hipsters, like "my favorite band is so unknown, I havent even heard them!"
Originally Posted by hip hop bunny hop View Post
lawl. I don't know why people peacock about enjoying unpopular bands, it's not a big deal and it doesn't reveal any amazing personal attributes. It takes no special skill or education to put an album on and enjoy it, and finding out about music is just a matter of having an internet connection and enough free time to devote to finding these bands.
Just because you talk about more underground or obscure music doesn't necessarily mean you're a hipster or that you're bragging about it. Quite a few times I've talked about underground bands/artists not to seem cool or anything, but to give some much needed exposure to these amazing bands and also to give the person I'm talking to something new to listen to.
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